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Earrings Glossary

Jadeite Bi Earrings with Chinese Character Center.


 A bi (from Chinese) is jadeite discoid with a central hole. These doughnut-shaped gem disks are used for pendants, bracelets and earrings ...
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Art Deco - Retro Diamond and Ruby Bombe Cocktail Ring.


Pink Sapphire and Diamond Pavé Bombé Ring. The term bombé (from the French for bomb or rounded like a bomb) ...
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Diamond Chandelier "en Pampille" Earrings.


Victorian Chandelier Earrings.A chandelier in jewelry means with dangling ornaments or with multiple arms. A sevigne brooch or girandole earrings are also chandelier type jewelry ...
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VIctorian Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings.Chandelier style, also known as girandole, are characterized by a bow, central stone or circular cluster of stones at ...
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Clutch Backing

A clutch is a small finding that slides onto the post of an earring in order to secure the earring ...
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Vintage Diamond Day and Night Earrings.

Day and Night

Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings - The Aquamarine Pendant is DetachableDay and night earrings have an upper earring or ear stud, suspending another ...
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Antique Diamond Cluster Ear Studs.

Ear Studs

Antique Diamond Cluster Ear Studs.Studs are earrings that have a post that passes through a hole in the earlobe and is secured ...
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French Ruby and Diamond Earclips.


Earclip refers to a tension mechanism which holds an ear ornament in place. Earclips are usually designed for women who ...
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Art Nouveau Peridot and Pearl Earrings.

Earring Types

Jewelry for the ear. Throughout history, all types of material, metal, and gems have been used to adorn the ear ...
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Victorian Turquoise Fringed Earrings.


Earrings are much more than just decorative jewelry for the ear. Gods and goddesses, symbols, talismans and amulets have all been depicted ...
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Diamond Chandelier "en Pampille" Earrings.

En Pampille

An Antique Diamond Brooch of En Pampille Design Mounted in Silver and Gold. c.1860.Photo Courtesy of Christie's.En pampille refers to ...
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Georgian Foil-Backed Quartz and Paste Girandole Earrings


Baroque Girandole Pendant. Image Courtesy of the NYPL Digital Gallery.A girandole is an earring design in which three dangling pear-shaped ornaments are ...
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Hoop Earrings with Diamonds.


Hoop earrings are composed of a decorative circle that has a post or wire at the top that passes through the ear ...
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Antique Lazo Emerald Earrings, c.1800. Photo Courtesy of Bonhams.


Lazo is the Spanish word for "bow" and, when used in jewelry, refers to a style of earring with a top, bow ...
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Carneilan Earings with Post and Omega Back Findings.

Omega Back

Omega backs take their name from their uncanny resemblance to the Greek letter omega - Ω. The ends of this ...
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French Coral Demi Parure.


A parure is a full set of matching jewelry designed to be worn together en suite. A demi-parure is a less elaborate ...
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Art Deco Diamond Openwork Pendant.


A pendant is a dangling ornament which is suspended from a bracelet, chain, brooch, ring or other form of jewelry. Art Nouveau Boulder Opal and ...
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Pendeloque Diamond Earrings with Bow Motif. c.1810.


Pendeloque Diamond Earrings c.1870.Photo Courtesy of Sotheby's.Pendeloque earrings, c. 1770's were designed with a round or marquise-shaped top suspending a bow motif ...
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Delicate French Gold and Enamel Poissardes Earrings. c.1820.


Poissardes.French Jewelry of the Nineteenth Century, Henri Vever.A poissarde (from French: "fishwife") is a type of earring worn c. 1790-1810 and is of an ...
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Threaded Post and Clutch on a Stud Earring.


A post is a short length of straight wire that is affixed perpendicular to the back of an earring and passes through ...
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Sleeper Earring

A sleeper earring is usually a golden hoop earring of simple design and used to keep the piercing in the ...
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Snaps were an eighteenth-century earring fitting (1773) that allowed women whose ears were not pierced to clip earrings on. The earring styles ...
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