Famous Diamonds

A contemporary shot of the Agra.

Agra Diamond

Like many historical diamonds, the Agra’s saga is a familiar combination of fact and legend, leaving the reader with the challenging ...
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Shah Jahan ca. 1620

Akbar Shah Diamond

Unfortunately, the history of famous diamonds is not without its list of casualties. In this category are those magnificent stones that somehow ...
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The Archduke Joseph Diamond

Archduke Joseph Diamond

This stone enjoys the distinction of being the twelfth largest “perfect” diamond in the world. Named for a military man of ...
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Arcot Diamonds Set in a Brooch.


ARCOTS – A Pair of Diamonds These two exceptionally beautiful pear-shaped diamonds began their travels from the Nawab of Arcot ...
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Banjarmasin Diamond. Courtesy of the Rijksmuseum, The Netherlands.

Banjarmasin Diamond

One could rightfully call this stone the Rodney Dangerfield of diamonds. Almost from the moment of its discovery, this diamond has ...
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The Beau Sancy.

Beau Sancy

This diamond's name is taken from its first recorded French owner, Nicolas Harlay de Sancy, a fancier of fine gems who ...
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2008 sketch of the Golden Fleece (of the Color Adornment) Showing the "French Blue" Diamond.

Brunswick Blue

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, this is a tale of two diamonds. Purportedly cut from the same stone that produced the Hope Diamond, ...
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Minnie Palmer

Cleveland Diamond

If ever fate has lent a hand in determining the course of a diamond's story, it is this one. Just a ...
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The Nine Most Important Cullinan Diamonds. Top Row: II, I and III. Bottom Row: VI, VIII, IV, V, VII and IX.

Cullinan Diamond

It was the late afternoon of January 25, 1905. Employees at the Premier Diamond Mine in the British African colony ...
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Darya-e-Noor Diamond.

Darya-ye-Noor Diamond

Darya-ye-Noor Diamond. Darya-ye-Noor, translating “river of light” or “sea of light”, is the product of an undocumented – but what ...
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The Dresden Green Diamond in its Setting.

Dresden Green

The Dresden Green Diamond in its Setting. Labeled as the greatest example of a naturally green colored diamond, the Dresden Green ...
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The Emperor Maximillian Diamond Weighing 39.55 Carats. Photo Courtesy of Christie's.

Emperor Maximilian & Maximilian Diamonds

Although these two diamonds are often spoken about in the same breath, no two stones could be more different – ...
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Empress Eugenie (1853-1871)

Eugénie Diamond

Believed to be of Brazilian origin, this much-traveled diamond has not only changed hands many times, it’s also one of the few ...
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69.68 ct. Excelsior I, G-VS2. Photo Courtesy of Mauawad.com.

Excelsior Diamond

June 30, 1893, appeared to be just another day at the Jagersfontein Mine in South Africa until a worker, performing ...
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A Replica of the Florentine Diamond.

Florentine Diamond

Studying the history of this diamond is an exercise that will challenge even the most talented detective. Almost everything about this diamond’s ...
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Golden Jubilee Diamond.

Golden Jubilee

If you record size as the number one trait in judging the importance of a diamond then this stone would top your ...
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Early Drawing of the Great Mogul Diamond.

Great Mogul Diamond

This is the kind of story that would make a great Indiana Jones movie – solving the mystery of the ...
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Warren Hastings

Hastings Diamond

If ever there was a famous diamond named for a certified scoundrel, it’s the Hastings Diamond. Using this gem as a tool ...
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Portrait of Queen Wilhelmina (1898)

Holland Diamond (Stuart)

This is the story of a diamond whose beginnings and early history are unknown, a casualty of lost or poor documentation. It ...
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The Hope diamond. Image Courtesy of The Smithsonian Institute.

Hope Diamond

Thievery, royalty, revolution, gambling, eccentricity, mystery and curses are all part of the spectacular and storied past that is the ...
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Hortensia Diamond, 20.53 Carats, Pink.

Hortensia Diamond

It seems each famous diamond has some kind of mystery attached to it, usually involving the location of its discovery, the identity ...
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Idols-Eye Diamond.

Idol’s Eye Diamond

Like many of its contemporaries, the Idol’s Eye diamond possesses an early history that combines a rich mixture of legend, myth, mystery, ...
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Kazanjian Red Diamond. ©Tino Hammid, Los Angeles

Kazanjian Red

Kazanjian Red Diamond.©Tino Hammid, Los AngelesThis stone belongs to an extremely small – and select - group of diamonds. It ...
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The Koh-i-noor Set in the Coronation Crown for Queen Mary (Wife of King George VI) Mother of Queen Elizabeth II. (Reuters Photo)

Koh-i-Noor Diamond

The Fabled Koh-i-Noor DiamondLike other famous gems, the Koh-i-Noor diamond has its share of mystery, intrigue, and curses attached to its long ...
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Louis II de Bourbon aka le Grand Condé

Le Grand Condé

Louis II de Bourbon - aka le Grand Condé If there was an award for the most gaps in a ...
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The Mazarin I: the Sancy


This diamond story is an unusual one. In most instances, a name is attached to one or perhaps two diamonds but in ...
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Mirror of Portugal

Owners of this stone ranged from the tenacious to the hapless, the romantic to the cunning. This diamond helped persuade a Queen ...
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A Side View 13a, Top View 13b, and Bottom View 13c of the Nassak Diamond as of 1904


This particular stone could be the reason for the cliché “diamond in the rough.” During its early history, this stone ...
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The Orlov diamond in the Russian Imperial Sceptre Image courtesy of Elkan Weinberg.

Orlov Diamond

Perhaps there is no famous diamond with a more disputed history than that of the Orlov. Through the passage of ...
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Louis-Jean Marie de Bourbon, (16 November, 1725 – 4 March, 1793)


It is a diamond not as well known as its contemporaries. It is somewhat of an anomaly, for through its rich French ...
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George Pigot (4 March 1719 – 11 May 1777)

Pigot Diamond

With apologies to Charles Dickens, this diamond’s story could be entitled the “Tale of Two Diamonds” for its history diverges ...
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Queen of Holland Diamond. Photo Courtesy of Mouawad.

Queen of Holland

As diamonds go this one is pretty impressive, not only because of its size but because of its renowned quality ...
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Regent Diamond.

Regent Diamond

This magnificent gem has generated enough fodder to churn out a series of pulp fiction novels. Its travel through history is intertwined ...
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Sancy Diamond Part of the Crown Jewels of France on Display at the Louvre.

Sancy Diamond

Sancy Diamond - Part of the Crown Jewels of France on Display at the Louvre.Diamonds tend to be described in such ...
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A Stamp (From the Former Soviet Union) Depicting the Shah Diamond.

Shah Diamond

Imagine a diamond where the reader is not faced with the challenge of trying to separate fact from fiction when researching ...
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Shah Jahan Diamond. Photo Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Resides in the al-Sabah Collection, Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, Kuwait.

Shah Jahan Table-Cut

By any gemological standard, the Shah Jahan Table-Cut Diamond is one impressive stone. Like many of its contemporaries, this diamond has gone ...
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68.09 ct. Taylor-Burton Diamond, Suspended from an Oscar Heyman & Bros. Necklace. Currently Owned by Mouawad.

Taylor-Burton Diamond

68.09 ct. Taylor-Burton Diamond, Suspended from an Oscar Heyman & Bros. Necklace. Currently Owned by Mouawad. This diamond is a stone whose ...
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Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond.


The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond.Image Courtesy of Christie's Images, 2008 It’s that rare diamond that could match its color to the blue-blood of its ...
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