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Rings: Ancient to Neoclassical

“This little perfect figure may seem to be a trifling matter on which to found an essay; and yet we shall find it connected with history and poetry. It is indeed, a small link, although it has bound together millions for better for worse, for richer for poorer, more securely than could the shackle wrought for a felon. An impression from it may have saved a or lost a kingdom. It is made the symbol of power; and has been the mark of slavery. Love has placed it where a vein was supposed to vibrate in the heart. Affection and friendship have wrought it into a remembrance; and it has passed into the grave upon the finger of a loved one.”

Charles Edwards

The History and Poetry of Finger-Rings. 1855


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14 Enameling Techniques Explained

Necklaces - From Antiquity to the 20th Century
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