Jewelry Findings

Agraffe Cloak Clasp.© Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


Designed as a hook to be sewn one side of a cloak meant to interlock with a loop sewn on ...
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Victorian Turquoise Pendant/Locket with Plain Loop Bail.


A bail is a loop of metal attached at the top of a pendant, stone or another jewelry object to ...
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Basket Mount

Basket Mount

A basket mount is a fancy setting for a gemstone that is pierced to give the setting a lacy or basket look.Edwardian Diamond and ...
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Russian Victorian-Style Diamond Belcher Ring.

Belcher Ring

A belcher ring has a flush setting, similar to a gypsy ring, whereby the prongs are cut into the mounting. The ...
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C catch reverse

C Pin Catch

A C pin catch is a loop of wire, shaped like the letter "C", soldered onto the reverse of a brooch or pin providing a stopper ...
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Victorian Longchain with Swivel Hook.


Chains are interconnected links in a series used to create flexible necklaces, bracelets and fasteners in a variety of styles. They have been ...
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Mid-Century Gold Animal Charm Bracelet.


An ornamental drop usually attached singly or with others on a bracelet. They can be mementos of travel, flat discs engraved ...
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Chenier Hinge


Chenier is the name for hollow tubing used in jewelry making. Also known as hollow or joint wire, this tubing ...
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Fish Hook Clasp on Angle Skin Coral Beads.


Fish Hook Clasp on Angel Skin Coral Beads. Any fastener used in jewelry. There are many types of clasps from ...
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Clutch Backing

A clutch is a small finding that slides onto the post of an earring in order to secure the earring ...
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Dress Clips

Dress Clips

Reverse of Gold Clip Brooch with Double Prong Style Clip.A dress clip is a type of brooch that attaches with a clip-style ...
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French Ruby and Diamond Earclips.


Earclip refers to a tension mechanism which holds an ear ornament in place. Earclips are usually designed for women who ...
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Egyptian Blue Glazed Pectoral BC.


A fetish is an object which is believed to protect the wearer from harm, like a talisman.The Eye of Horus is ...
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Screw Back Finding.


Screw Back Finding.Findings are - in jewelry - prefabricated components used by bench jewelers to be incorporated in jewelry. Usually, ...
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Inseparable - Double Needle Stick Pins with Safety Chain.


A double-needle stick pin brooch connected with a small and delicate chain. Inseparables came into use around 1835.Inseparable - Double ...
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Victorian Leontine Watch Chain with Tassel and Slide.


A leontine (from the Spanish leontina) is a Lady's chain used to suspend a watch. These chains often had tassels ...
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Retro Gold Architectural Link Necklace. Converts to a Pair of Bracelets.


A link is one ring that, when interlocked with other rings, forms a chain. This singular chain element can be any ...
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Image courtesy of

Lobster Claw

Image Courtesy of A lobster claw is a catch used for bracelets and necklaces. It has a spring mechanism ...
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Japanese Shakudo Jadeite Necklace with Menuki Elements.


Japanese Shakudo Jadeite Necklace with Menuki Elements.The reappearance of the Japanese in the world and their subsequent participation in the ...
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Retro Ruby and Diamond Brick Link Buckle Motif Jewelry Suite.


A mordant is a metal piece, sometimes jeweled, affixed to a belt or bracelet on the opposite end from the buckle ...
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Carneilan Earings with Post and Omega Back Findings.

Omega Back

Omega backs take their name from their uncanny resemblance to the Greek letter omega - Ω. The ends of this ...
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Art Nouveau Griffin Brooch.


A pin is a small decorative jewelry item designed to be affixed to a garment by means of a pinstem. The ...
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Note the Pinstem on the Reverse of this Victorian Crescent Brooch and the Small Safety Pin Attached by a Chain.


A pinstem is a jewelry finding affixed to the reverse of a brooch, pin or tie tack specifically designed to pierce fabric for the purpose ...
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Mid-Century Opal and Rose-Cut Diamond Necklace Composed of Scalloped Plaques Connected by Oval Links.


A plaque (from French: plate) is a large central and decorated plate of metal, cameo, intaglio or other material. These are ...
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Threaded Post and Clutch on a Stud Earring.


A post is a short length of straight wire that is affixed perpendicular to the back of an earring and passes through ...
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Prong-Set Diamond Engagement Ring.


A collection of wires, pressed over the girdle of a gemstone, to secure the stone in a setting. A prong setting consists of ...
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Faceted Citrine Bead and Quartz Rondelle Necklace.


A rondelle (or "roundelle") is a circular disk of metal, gemstone or diamond and is usually inserted between beads on ...
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Cabochon Jadeite


The place on jewelry, or the finding where a gem can be attached by one of several means, usually involving ...
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Ring Shank.


The shank on a finger ring is the part that wraps around the sides and back of the finger, not including the ...
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European-Cut Diamond Solitaire.


Solitaire comes from the French word for "alone" and refers to diamonds that are set alone in a ring, as ...
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Watch Chain with Both Spring Ring and Swivel Hook.

Spring Ring

Watch Chain with Both Spring Ring (Upper Right) and Swivel Hook (Lower Left).A spring ring is a jewelry clasp with ...
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Victorian Longchain with Swivel Hook.


Watch Chain with Both Swivel Hook and Spring Ring. The swivel catch is a widely used jewelry safety catch that ...
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Art Deco Onyx and Pearl Tassel Necklace c.1920s.


Traditionally, a tassel is defined as a hanging ornament usually in the form of threads suspending from cord. Jewelers have ...
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Timeless Tiffany & Co. Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring.

Tiffany Setting

Introduced by Tiffany & Co. in 1886, the Tiffany setting refers to a six-prong tapered round setting with long slender prongs that ...
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Tube-Set Diamond in a Vintage French Ring.

Tube Setting

In a tube setting the stone is placed inside the open end of a precious metal seamless tube with the ...
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