Variations on the Valentine

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At Lang, we love hearts just as much as the next romantic. We also appreciate that, as the ballad proclaims, “Love is a many-splendored thing,” and can be expressed in a myriad of imaginative ways. So, while there’s no need to abandon the tried-and-true hearts and lockets, you can make your sweetheart swoon with jewels that are utterly delightful, unique, and most of all–cupid-approved.

Captivating Carvings

Depicting everything from lovely ladies in profile to frolicking cherubs, cameos have charmed jewelry lovers for centuries. Exceedingly popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras, cameos were a favorite adornment of Napoleon’s wife, Empress Josephine. And no wonder. These small carved portraits and scenes have an air of romance, mystery, whimsy, and even adventure about them—just like love.

Blog Valentine Cameo with flower.
BLOG Valentine cameo cherub.

Enraptured and Enwrapped

If you’re new to vintage and antique jewelry, it might be difficult to conceive that the snake has long been a symbol of love and commitment, representing an unbreakable bond and the union of two souls. Snakes also represent wisdom, as in, “What a wise and wonderful way to show your love.”

BLOG Valentine snake brooch.
BLOG Valentine snake ring

Close to Your Heart

An iconic emblem of love and Valentine’s Day, the heart is a cherished motif in jewelry design. Whether as a locket—those miniature picture albums and holders of keepsakes—or cut from glorious and glistening gemstones, hearts are indeed a universal love language.

BLOG Valentine Lockets.
BLOG VALENTINE kunzite heart.

Beauteous Butterfly

They flutter from flower to flower, can see a range of colors invisible to the human eye and, despite displaying gloriously vibrant hues, their wings are transparent. The butterfly, the result of the most marvelous metamorphosis, never fails to fascinate, reminding us that we all experience a beautiful transformation as we live and love.

Blog Valentine Butterfly Narrow.
BLOG Valentine butterflies in hair.

Fetching Florals

Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde said, “A flower blossoms for its own joy.” The joy of flowers is infectious, and they seem quite happy to share it. Rife with meaning—a red rose is for true love, while the cheery pansy encourages remembrance—flowers have been, and are one of the sweetest expressions of sentiment. And those in Lang’s garden are particularly lovely.

Blog Valentine pearl earrings.
BLOG Valentine pansy Pendant

All aflutter over the possibilities? Shop our collection and find the perfect piece for your Valentine—or for you!

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