Victorian Leontine Watch Chain with Tassel and Slide.
Victorian Leontine Watch Chain with Tassel and Slide.

A Lady’s chain used to suspend a watch. Usually composed of foxtail chain in a square or circular form. They often suspended tassels, or charms,  and featured slides in colored gold.

…always fastened to the corsage either with a ‘clef-bâton’, or with a hook from which hung a locket, various charms, gold tassels, or fobs usually composed of the watch key and a tiny seal. A ‘pantin’ (a short piece of chain a few centimetres in length) joined the hook to the pendants. For a while it was fashionable to replace the ‘bâton’ or the hook which secured the chain to the corsage with a flat circular brooch that matched the watch case. The brooch was worn prominently and was often composed of a jasper, lapis lazuli or garnet disc, centered with a small decorative motif or a gemstone. This variety of chain was called ‘Léontine’, after a successful actreess who performed in ‘La Grâce de Dieu’ at the Gaité Theatre.1


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