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To learn more about investigating your jewelry item read: Jewelry Identification

Allina, Alfred Maker's Mark

Allina, Alfred

Jeweler, Gold & Silversmith ...
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Alling & Co Maker's Mark

Alling & Co.

1836-1843 Stephen B. Alling and Issac A. were jewelers together. 1843 Isaac A. left Stephen B. partership and formed Isaac ...
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Allison Mfg. Co. Maker's Mark

Allison Mfg. Co.

c.1915 & 1922: Attleboro MA ...
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Allsopp Bros. Maker's Mark

Allsopp Bros.

Camp & Orchard Sts. Newark NJ Manufactured Gold and Platinum Rings - 10K & 14K 1885 Henry Allsopp, Jeweler c.1891 ...
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Allsopp & Bliss Maker's Mark

Allsopp-Bliss Co., The

c.1922: 33 E Kinney St., Newark NJ Wordley, Allsopp & Bliss CO., INC. Allsopp-Bliss CO ...
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Allsopp-Steller Inc. Maker's Mark

Allsopp-Steller Inc.

c.1943 - c.1950: 81 Warren St. Newark 2, NJ Rings & Mountings ...
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Alsan Mfg. Co. Maker's Mark

Alsan Mfg. Co.

62 W. 47th St. New York 19, NY SETTING PRETTY Rings and Wedding Rings ...
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Altbach & Sons Maker's Mark

Altbach & Sons

123 W. Madison St. Chicago IL ...
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Altendorf, Abraham

Altendorf, Abraham

Austria Jeweler: Gold and Silversmith 1910: Petraschgasse 4/6 Gewerbsverleihung: Janner ...
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Altenloh, E.

Altenloh, E.

SpecialtiesManufacturing jewelers & silversmiths.Jewelers to the Belgian court, Brussels ...
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Alter & Co. Maker's Mark

Alter & Co.

165 W. Madison St. Chicago IL ...
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Alterson & Co., L. Maker's Mark

Alterson & Co., L.

c.1922: 34th St. & Broadway Marbridge Bldg. New York NY ...
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Altgrübel, Gustav Maker's Mark

Altgrübel, Gustav

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Altgrübl, Carl Maker's Mark

Altgrübl, Carl

Gold and Silver Jewelry worker ...
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Altman & Son, L. Maker's Mark

Altman & Son, L.

c.1922: 79 Pine St. New York NY Altman 14k & Son Successors: Altman, Roman & Co ...
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Altmann, Michael Maker's Mark

Altmann, Michael

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Alvin Corporation Maker's Mark

Alvin Corporation

Specialties Manufacturers 1928 Bought by Gorham Manufacturing ...
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Amber Guild Ltd. Maker's Mark

Amber Guild Ltd.

c.1950: 80-19-31st Ave. Jackson Heights NY c.1943: 9 Rockefeller Plaza New York NY Amber Mines, Inc ...
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American Bead Co. Maker's Mark

American Bead Co.

c.1922: New York NY LA ROSEE ...
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American Eyeglass Chain Co. Maker's Mark

American Eyeglass Chain Co.

c.1922: 36 Garnet St. Providence RI ...
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American Insignia Company Maker's Mark

American Insignia Company

c.1943: 245 W. 55th St. New York NY ...
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American Jewelry Chain Co. Maker's Mark

American Jewelry Chain Co.

c.1934: 38 Friendship St. Providence 9 RI c.1943 - c.1950: 75 Eagle St. Providence RI A.J.C., Co. AMERICAN ...
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Americus Watch Co. Maker's Mark

Americus Watch Co.

c.1934: 33 John R St. Detroit MI AMERICUS ...
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Amstelhoek Maker's Mark


Specialties Metalwork workshops. Founded by Willem Hoeker ...
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Amster, Bernhard Maker's Mark

Amster, Bernhard

Jeweler Gold and Silversmith ...
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Anderka, Karl J. Maker's Mark

Anderka, Karl J.

Gold, Silver, and Jewelry Worker ...
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Anderl, Karl Maker's Mark

Anderl, Karl

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Anders, Heinrich Maker's Mark

Anders, Heinrich

Gold, Silver and Bronze worker ...
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Andersen, Just Maker's Mark

Andersen, Just

Specialties Silversmith Manufacturer Worked for Georg Jensen as a designer. 1918 Just Andersen Pewter opened in Copenhagen. With wife Alba, ...
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Andersen, Karl Maker's Mark

Andersen, Karl

Jeweler Gold Worker ...
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Anderson, Arthur M. Maker's Mark

Anderson, Arthur M.

c.1922: 311 Van Buren St. Joliet IL ...
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Andraskay, Andreas Maker's Mark

Andraskay, Andreas

Rings & Jewels, plus repair work ...
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Andrew & Co. Ltd. Maker's Mark

Andrew & Co. Ltd.

c.1915 & 1922: 424 Main St. Winnipeg Man, Canada ...
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Annunziata, M. Maker's Mark

Annunziata, M.

119 Boomfield Ave. Newark NJ ...
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Anshen Co. Inc, L.J. Maker's Mark

Anshen Co. Inc, L.J.

c.1915 & 1922: 144 Pine St. Providence RI ...
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Anzelewitz & Co., A. Maker's Mark

Anzelewitz & Co., A.

c.1904: 110 Canal St. New York NY c.1922: New York NY ...
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Anzenhofer, Karl Maker's Mark

Anzenhofer, Karl

Gold and Silver Worker ...
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Anzenhofer, Leonhard Maker's Mark

Anzenhofer, Leonhard

Gold and Silversmith Jeweler ...
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