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Riker Bros. Maker's Mark.

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To learn more about investigating your jewelry item read: Jewelry Identification

Babaian Bros. Maker's Mark

Babaian Bros.

c.1934: 1011 Chestnut St. Philadelphia PA ...
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Babirad, Johann Maker's Mark

Babirad, Johann

Silversmith ...
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Babitsch, Alfred Maker's Mark

Babitsch, Alfred

Silversmith - Cutlery ...
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Babka, Franz Maker's Mark

Babka, Franz

Silversmith ...
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Babka, Stefan Maker's Mark

Babka, Stefan

Goldsmith ...
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Babka, Wenzel Maker's Mark

Babka, Wenzel

Goldsmith ...
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Bach Black, Ludwig Maker's Mark

Bach Black, Ludwig

Gold Worker Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Bacher, Carl Maker's Mark

Bacher, Carl

Gold Jewelry Factory ...
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Bachner, Georg Maker's Mark

Bachner, Georg

Jeweler Gold and Silversmith ...
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Bachtik, Otto Maker's Mark

Bachtik, Otto

Goldsmith ...
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Back Rack Collar Button Co. Maker's Mark

Back-Rack Collar Button Co.

c.1915: 144 Westminster St. Providence RI Collar Button Manufacturer ...
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Backhausen, Robert Maker's Mark

Backhausen, Robert

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Baer & Wilde Co. Maker's Mark

Baer & Wilde Co., The

c.1915: Attleboro MA c. 1922 c.1934: 6 Hazel St. Attleboro MA Specialties: Dress Sets, Cuff Buttons Collar Stays Money Clips ...
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Bahner, Franz, Silberwaren-Fabrik Maker's Mark

Bahner, Franz, Silberwaren-Fabrik

Specialties Manufacturing Silversmiths Designer Peter Behrens ...
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Bailey and Co. Maker's Mark

Bailey and Co.

Specialties Bailey & Co. was the first American firm to use the higher British standard of .925silver instead of the ...
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Bailey Banks and Biddle Maker's Mark

Bailey Banks and Biddle

e.1832: 136 Chestnut St. Philadelphia PA c.1946: Bailey & Co.  with J.T. Bailey, Jeremiah Robbins & James Gallagher c.1859: Moved ...
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Baird, Smith & Co. Maker's Mark

Baird, Smith & Co.

c.1915: Philadelphia PA ...
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Balag, Rudolf Maker's Mark

Balag, Rudolf

Gold and Silversmith Jewelry Worker ...
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Baldwin-Miller Co. Maker's Mark

Baldwin-Miller Co.

e.1883 Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Jobbers of Silverware, Jewelry, Clocks, Appliances c.1934: 7th Floor, Century Bldg. Indianapolis IN Clocks & Watches ...
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Baldwin, Jabez Maker's Mark

Baldwin, Jabez

Specialties Gold and Silversmith 1813 Acquired John McFarlane's business 1822 John J. Low apprenticed with Baldwin and became partner 1822-1840 ...
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Balfour Co., L.G. Maker's Mark

Balfour Co., L.G.

25 County St. Attleboro MA BALFOUR L G B ...
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Ballou & Co. Inc., B.A. Maker's Mark

Ballou & Co. Inc., B.A.

e.1868 c.1896 - c.1950: 61 Peck St. Providence 2 RI TURNSTYLE DAINTYMODE BALLOU B.A.B. From their JCK Advertisement New York: ...
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Ballou Mfg. Co. Maker's Mark

Ballou Mfg. Co.

c.1915: 45 Union St. Attleboro MA c.1922 ...
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Ballou, Charles H., & Co. Maker's Mark

Ballou, Charles H., & Co.

c.1915: 144 Pine St. Providence RI Successors: O.R. Johnson Co ...
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Bandler, Eduard Maker's Mark

Bandler, Eduard

Jeweler Goldsmith Silversmith ...
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Bank, Julius Maker's Mark

Bank, Julius

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Bank, Karl Maker's Mark

Bank, Karl

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Bannert, Johann Maker's Mark

Bannert, Johann

Silversmith Goldworker ...
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Bapst and Falize Maker's Mark

Bapst and Falize

Specialties Combined Bapst's French royal jewelry tradition & Falize's Grand Prize & Legion of Honor at the 1878 Paris Exhibition ...
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Baraker, Leo Maker's Mark

Baraker, Leo

Goldsmith ...
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Baran, Pinkas M. Maker's Mark

Baran, Pinkas M.

Jeweler Gold and Silversmith ...
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Barbag, Osias Oskar Maker's Mark

Barbag, Osias Oskar

Gold and Silver Worker Jeweler ...
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