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Riker Bros. Maker's Mark.

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To learn more about investigating your jewelry item read: Jewelry Identification

Baumgold Bros & Co. Maker's Mark

Baumgold Bros & Co.

c.1915: 266 Grand St. New York NY c.1922: 71 Nassau St. New York NY ...
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Bayardi Brothers Maker's Mark

Bayardi Brothers

21 W. 46th St. New York NY ...
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Bayer, August Maker's Mark

Bayer, August

Goldsmith ...
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Bayer, Karl Maker's Mark

Bayer, Karl

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Bayer, Pretzfelder & Mills Inc. Maker's Mark

Bayer, Pretzfelder & Mills Inc.

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Bazan, Wilhelm Maker's Mark

Bazan, Wilhelm

Silversmith ...
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Beard Co., Charles Maker's Mark

Beard Co., Charles, The

410 Ryan Bldg St. Paul MN ...
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Becher, Iisidor Maker's Mark

Becher, Iisidor

Goldworker ...
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Beck Manufacturing Co. Maker's Mark

Beck Manufacturing Co.

113 Clinton St. Buffalo NY ...
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Beck, Hermann Maker's Mark

Beck, Hermann

Gold and Silverworker ...
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Beck, Josef Maker's Mark

Beck, Josef

Goldsmith ...
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Beck, Julius Maker's Mark

Beck, Julius

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Becka, Karl Maker's Mark

Becka, Karl

Jeweler Gold and Silversmith ...
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Becker & Co., Chas A. Maker's Mark

Becker & Co., Chas A.

c.1915 & 1922: 445 S. 10th St. Newark NJ ...
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Beckmann, Carmen Maker's Mark

Beckmann, Carmen

Specialties Purchased items from a variety of artisans to stamp with her mark and sell in her store ...
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Begeer, C.J. Maker's Mark

Begeer, C.J.

Specialties Manufacturing silversmiths. Designers Jan Eisenloeffel 1919 Merged with Van Kempen & Zoon. Became Kempen, Begeer & Vos ...
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Behrens, Peter Maker's Mark

Behrens, Peter

Specialties Industrial designer - Silver, Metalwork & Jewelry. Architect, painter, illustrator and book-binder. Modernist Movement Leader. Designer for Franz Bahner ...
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Bein, Karl Maker's Mark

Bein, Karl

Goldsmith ...
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Beline & Glasser Maker's Mark

Beline & Glasser

c.1915: 1352 Bryant Ave. New York NY c.1922: 986 Jennings St. New York NY Successors: Elie Beline ...
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Bell Co., George Maker's Mark

Bell Co., George

437 17th St. Denver CO c.1922: 537 17th St. Denver CO ...
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Bell Co., W.H. Maker's Mark

Bell Co., W.H.

c.1915 & 1922: Attleboro Falls MA Findings ...
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Bellak, Julius Maker's Mark

Bellak, Julius

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Belperron, Suzanne

Belperron, Suzanne

SpecialtiesCarved Rock Crystal, Chalcedony & AgateSwirled motifsJeweler to the stars & Duke & Duchess of WindsorJewelry Typically not Signed. Sometimes ...
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Benedict & Warner Maker's Mark

Benedict & Warner

21 Maiden Lane New York NY c.1915: 15 Maiden Land New York NY ...
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Benham & Froud Maker's Mark

Benham & Froud

Specialties Manufacturers Designer Christopher Dresser ...
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Bennett & Co., Joseph Maker's Mark

Bennett & Co., Joseph

51-53 Maiden Lane New York NY ...
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Bennett & Crystal Co. Maker's Mark

Bennett & Crystal Co.

c.1915 & 1922: 34 Marshall St. Newark NJ ...
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Bennett Co., T.E. Maker's Mark

Bennett Co., T.E.

7 Beverly St. Providence RI ...
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Benson, William Arthur Smith Maker's Mark

Benson, William Arthur Smith

Specialties Architect & designer. Manufacturers Silver, Plate & Other Metalwork (some cast iron work) Designed for Coalbrookdale Co. Falkirk Iron ...
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Benstock Ring Mfg. Co. Inc. Maker's Mark

Benstock Ring Mfg. Co. Inc.

70 W. Chippewa St. Buffalo 2, NY Rings & Mountings ...
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