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Riker Bros. Maker's Mark.

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To learn more about investigating your jewelry item read: Jewelry Identification

Werner, Karl Maker's Mark

Werner, Karl

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Wertheimer, Salomon Maker's Mark

Wertheimer, Salomon

Goldsmith Repair Worker ...
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Wessely, Karl Maker's Mark

Wessely, Karl

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Westel Allgayer & Co. Maker's Mark

Westel Allgayer & Co.

Specialties Foundry & Casting Company, Bronze. Known for Cold-Painted Bronze technique ...
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Wewera, Rosa Maker's Mark

Wewera, Rosa

Gold and Silver Worker ...
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Wewera, Rudolf Maker's Mark

Wewera, Rudolf

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Wexler Bros. Maker's Mark

Wexler Bros.

2001-02 Garland Bldg Chicago IL AMERICAN BEAUTY ...
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Weyhing Bros & Co. Maker's Mark

Weyhing Bros & Co.

16 John R St., Detroit MI ...
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Whetcroft, William

Whetcroft, William

Specialties Whetcroft established a policy of repairing and maintaining a customer's jewelry free of charge ...
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White Mfg Co., J.J. Maker's Mark

White Mfg Co., J.J.

c.1896: 26 Fountain St. Providence RI c.1934-50: 158 Pine St. Providence RI ...
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White Mfg. Co. Inc. Maker's Mark

White Mfg. Co. Inc.

64 Elm St. North Attleboro, MA WHITECO NO. ATTLEBORO, MASS ...
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White, Wile & Warner Maker's Mark

White, Wile & Warner

1021 Main St. Buffalo NY ...
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Whitehead & Hoag Maker's Mark

Whitehead & Hoag Co.

Specialties Manufactured flags, banners, advertising jewelry, celluloid novelties as well as badges and emblems in gold and sterling silver ...
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Whitehouse Bros. Maker's Mark

Whitehouse Bros.

5 E. 3rd St. Cincinnati OH ...
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Whiteside & Blank Maker's Mark

Whiteside & Blank

Specialties Founded as: Henry Blank & Co., 1890 Whiteside & Blank Manufactured brooches, buttons, studs, and bracelets with enamel. They ...
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Whiting Co., Frank M. Maker's Mark Photo Courtesy of Toomey & Co. Auctioneers

Whiting & Co., Frank M.

Specialties Silversmith Manufacturer ...
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Whiting & Davis Co. Maker's Mark

Whiting & Davis Co.

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Whiting Company, F.A. Maker's Mark

Whiting Company, F.A.

185 Eddy St. Providence 3, RI ...
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Whiting Manufacturing Co.

Whiting Manufacturing Co.

Specialties Silversmith Jeweler Manufacturer Bought by Gorham ...
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Wiedemann, Karl Maker's Mark

Wiedemann, Karl

Gold, Silver, and Jewelry Worker ...
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Wiener Werkstätte Maker's Mark

Wiener Werkstätte

Specialties Founders Josef Hoffmann Koloman Moser Both were teachers as the Kunstgewerbeschule. Influenced by John Ruskin and William Morris, embracing ...
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Wiener, Adolf Maker's Mark

Wiener, Adolf

Jeweler & Goldsmith ...
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Wièse Maker's Mark


Specialties Founders: Jules & Louis Wièse, e.1844 1834 Jules Wièse studied goldsmithing under Johann Georg Hossaeur in Berlin. 1839 Moved ...
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WIghtman & Hough Co. Inc. Maker's Mark

Wightman & Hough Co.

c.1896, c.1915: 7 Beverly St. Providence ...
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