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Riker Bros. Maker's Mark.

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To learn more about investigating your jewelry item read: Jewelry Identification

Wild, Richard Maker's Mark

Wild, Richard

Goldsmith ...
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Wildhack, Anton Maker's Mark

Wildhack, Anton

Jeweler, Gold & Silversmith ...
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Wilkens & Söhne, M.H. Maker's Mark

Wilkens & Söhne, M.H.

Specialties Silver Manufacturer Designers Behrens, Peter Albin Muller Heinrich Vogeler 1910-1940 H. Bulling A. Donat C. Krauss Karl Muller ...
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Wilkinson Co. LTD, J.E. Maker's Mark

Wilkinson Co. LTD, J.E.

c.1915: 67 Lombard St. Toronto ON ...
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Williams & Anderson Co., The Maker's Mark

Williams & Anderson Co., The

c.1934 - c.1943: 14 Thrid St. Providence RI ...
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Williams, John Maker's Mark

Williams, John

Specialties Silversmith Metalworker Member Guild of Handicraft ...
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Williams, W. Reed Maker's Mark

Williams, W. Reed

c.1922: 59 Hatton Garden, London England ...
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Wilm, Johann Michael Maker's Mark

Wilm, Johann Michael

Specialties Goldsmith Specialized Granulation. Byzantine cloisonné enamel techniques. Delicate leaf and flower motifs with gems ...
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Wimmer-Wisgrill, Eduard Josef Maker's Mark

Wimmer-Wisgrill, Eduard Josef

Specialties Attended Kunstgewerbeschule, studying under Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser & Alfred Roller. 1907 Artisan with the Wiener Werkstätte, 1907-1932. specialized ...
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Wind, Gustav Maker's Mark

Wind, Gustav

Silversmith ...
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Winkier, Isidor Maker's Mark

Winkier, Isidor

Gold and Silverworker ...
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Winklbauer, Johann Maker's Mark

Winklbauer, Johann

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Winsen Co., Jose Maker's Mark

Winsen Co., Jose

1004 Metropolitan Bldg. Detroit MI ...
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Winston, Harry Maker's Mark

Winston, Harry

Specialties Created platinum settings for gemstones that were fflexible Bought and sold many famous gems and jewelry collections Made major ...
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Winter & Co. Maker's Mark

Winter & Co.

38 Crawford St. Newark NJ ...
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Winthop MFG. Co. Maker's Mark

Winthop MFG. Co.

c.1922: Attleboro MA ...
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Winthrop Mfg. Co. Maker's Mark

Winthrop Mfg. Co.

c.1915: Attleboro MA ...
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Wisnia, Ben I. Marker's Mark

Wisnia, Ben I.

c.1950: 391 Sutter St. San Francisco 8, CA c.1943: 210 Post St. San Francisco CA ...
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Witherell, P.E. Maker's Mark

Witherell, P.E.

c.1915: Attleboro MA ...
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Witsenhausen, L. Maker's Mark

Witsenhausen, L.

c.1915: 37 Maiden Lane New York NY Successors: Wm. Purnell Co ...
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Witzmann, Leopold Maker's Mark

Witzmann, Leopold

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Wlach, Josef Maker's Mark

Wlach, Josef

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Wodwarska, Franz Maker's Mark

Wodwarska, Franz

Gold and Silversmith ...
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