Krementz & Co.



Newark NJ


c.1922, c.1943, c.1915, c.1934, c.1950, e.1866



  • Inventors of the one-piece collar button, bean-and-post cuff button and bodkin clutch vest buttons, and other gentleman’s jewelry.
  • Became the preeminent collar button producer worldwide.
  • Developed a technique for fusing gold onto base metal


  • George Krementz, (1837-1918).
  • Emigrated to the U.S. at age 8 or 9.

1855: Apprenticed with a Alling, Hall & Dodd of Newark


  • 14 Oliver St. Newark NJ
  • George and his cousin, Julius Lebcheucher (with investors) started a jewelry manufacturing Firm.


  • Krementz and Lebkuecher renamed the company Krementz & Co.
  • Krementz made the jewelry and Lebcheucher was the salesman.

c.1876: George adapted cartridge shell machines to manufacture collar buttons.

1884: Patented his collar button technique.


  • They manufactured most of the collar buttons in use throughout the world.
  • George’s brothers formed Frank Krementz & Co. to compete.
  • Richard and Walter (George’s sons) toured Europe after college reporting back about design trends (Art Nouveau)

Post WWI:

  • Krementz specialized in gold overlay and electroplated jewelry.
  • Bought out many failing Newark jewelry companies.

1918: FIrm was run by Richard and Walter Krementz and Carl Lester (Lebkuecher)

c.1930s: Detachable collar was no longer in vogue eliminating the need for collar buttons.

c.1938: Purchased Jones & Woodland and their gemstone and high-end jewelry lines.

c.1940: Purchased Abelson & Braun and their wedding and engagement ring lines.

  • Added Diana by Krementz which included 10k and 14k gold jewelry and wedding bands.

WWII: Purchased George O. Street company for its gold license.

  • While still producing gold jewelry during the war, a portion of their manufacturing plant was set up to make dies for shells and metal radio parts for the military.

c.1950: 49 Chestnut St. Newark 1, NJ


c.1960s: Richard Krementz Jr. brought his love of colored stones to the business.

1965: Purchased George Schuler & Co., specializing in handmade jewelry.

1975: Purchased McTeigue & Co., makers of 18k gold and diamond jewelry.

c.1990: Sold McTeigue, Krementz Gold and Krementz Wedding Rings.

c. late 1990s: All non-gem-related divisions were sold.

2012: Death of Richard Krementz, Jr. and the end of the Krementz gemstone division.


c.1915 – c.1950: 49 Chestnut St. Newark NJ