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Minoan Pendant, 1700–1550 BC

Archaeological Museum of Heraleion.So called “Bees of Malia”, identification uncertain: two bees (or hornets, or wasps) heraldically arranged around a honeycomb (or a honeycake), or eating/sucking a honey drop, or carrying a ball of mud. Gold pendant with appliqué decoration and granulation, Minoan artwork, 1700–1550 BC. Excavated by the French from the Chrysolakkos necropolis in Mallia, Crete, first published in 1930 (P. Demargne, BCH 54 (1930) pp.404-21 and pl.19), now in the Archaeological Museum of Herakleion. H. 4.6 cm (1 ¾ in.), W. 4.9 cm (1 ¾ in.).