Eleonora of Toledo. By Agnolo Bronzino, 1545
Eleanor de Toledo, Duchess of Florence with a Pearl Resilla in her Hair and On her Shoulders. Agnolo Bronzino 1545

Resilla usually refers to a head ornament with a fishnet-like design. Fine wires or cords were inter-spaced with pearls, coral, jet and sometimes gemstone beads and secured on the hair with a jeweled comb or other hair ornament. The term comes from the French résille which translates net, network or netting. The resilla design could also be employed as an embellishment on a dress.

These jeweled hairnets were in fashion during the 16th and 17th centuries. Simpler hairnets were also popular during the 1860s. Sometimes resilla, when worn in the hair, are also referred to as snoods, which were briefly popular again during the 1940s.

Résille is a term that is also used for a rare enamel technique that somewhat resembles cloisonné but, unlike cloisonné, the design to be enameled was carved into glass or a crystal gemstone and lined with gold.

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