Art Deco Diamond Line Bracelet by Jung & Klitz





As classic as they come, this Art Deco straight line bracelet, hand fabricated in platinum, circa 1920s-30s, sparkles up and down and all around with 34 icy-white European-cut diamonds totaling 3.50 carats. Measuring 6 1/2 inches long, the sides of this sleek and ever-chic jewel are hand engraved in quintessential Jazz Age style. Sophisticated and stunning worn alone or stacked with a mix of other bracelets. The maker's mark indicates by the intrguing firm of Jung & Klitz.*


*There is very little known history of the story of Charles B. Jung and Robert Klitz. Sometime in the late half of the 19th century, the pair formed a partnership that created finer platinum and jadeite pieces, along with Christopher Staiger. The business grew and their production increased. They opened on Maiden Lane in New York City, the main jewelry district of the time. The partnership, however, began to struggle around 1899 and, by 1900, Chas B. Jung and Robert H. Klitz dissolved the partnership with Christopher Staiger. Court documents show they paid him $20,000 and settled in 1906. At the time they reported having $98,000 in stock on hand--a hefty sum. The business expanded under the two and the headquarters was located now at 1 Maiden Lane in 1915. Other court records show that Jung and Klitz helped stop master swindler Henry Wiess in 1915. Wiess had heard about Jung and Klitz likely because of their fame for attracting big clientele like James Buchanan Brady or "Diamond Jim" as many knew him, the vastly wealthy business man known for buying high-end jewelry. By the mid-1920's they had grown drastically and again attracted the attention of burglars and, on April 23, 1921, while Jung's family was away on vacation, burglars went to Jungs' apartment taking approximately $9,000. The business pushed forward and eventually closed its doors with the death of both of its founders as we know it. https://www.velvetboxsociety.com/jungandklitz.html#/


6 1/2 Inches
1/4 Inch
1/8 Inch
Gram Weight:
16.8 Grams
Art Deco
Gemstone Details Gemstone Details

34 European Cut Diamonds

Carat Weight:
3.50 carat Because mountings prohibit full and accurate observation of gem quality and weight, all data pertaining to mounted gems can be considered as approximate unless accompanied by an independent laboratory certificate (AGL, EGL, GIA). Unless otherwise stated, all colored stones and pearls are assumed to be subject to a relatively stable and possibly undetected color and/or clarity enhancement.
2.80-3.20 mm
Total Diamond Carat Weight:

About Art Deco Jewelry

Sleek and modern, Art Deco design brought jewelry into the machine age. Yet these stylish pieces still found room for the fine forms and lines of previous eras within their elegant architecture. In particular, we see many peaceful co-habitations of Edwardian and Art Deco styles together.

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