Art Nouveau Cicada Pate de Verre Glass Pendant Necklace





In the late 19th century, the move away from machine-made jewel jewelry gave rise to a new aesthetic that was significantly influenced by Japanese prints and woodcuts of simple, yet elegant, interpretations of nature. This artistic approach came to be called Japonism and greatly influenced the jewelry design of the Art Nouveau era. Insects were a favored motif, with the intriguing cicada often represented and, in the case of this arresting necklace, remarkably so. The striking and exotic pendant, measuring 2 1/2 by just shy of 2 inches, is made from pate de verre (a glass paste) in light to dark amber hues and is crafted with a large and beautifully detailed cicada. Embellished below by a (newly added) shimmering burnt orange tassel, it suspends from a complementary cord by way of a macrame connector accented with a gleaming glass bead. A rare, ravishing, and extraordinary collectable. Signed GAR. Total length of pendant including tassel and bead, 6 3/8 inches. The new cord that replaces the timeworn original measures 25 inches. Condition note: there is a fine crack in the piece that has been stabilized--wear with care.


6 3/8 Inch
1 7/8 Inch
3/8 Inch
Chain Length:
25 Inch Cord
Gram Weight:
25.4 Grams
Art Nouveau
Center Glass details


Carved Cut
65.00-48.00 mm

About Art Nouveau Jewelry

Looking to go organic? Bummed out (with good reason) by the Industrial Revolution, Art Nouveau makers embraced the natural world and a return to the hand-craftsmanship of an earlier time. Their overlap with both the Victorian and Edwardian eras resulted in a great deal of cross-pollination. Though relatively short in its purest form, Art Nouveau’s flowing lines continued to weave their way into fine jewelry.

Jewelry Care

As with anything of value, especially sentimental value, taking good care of your vintage and antique jewelry from Lang will enhance its beauty and extend its lifespan. We encourage you to have your jewelry checked and cleaned by us or by your trusted local jeweler every six months, to ensure that each piece is in good wearable condition with all gemstones in place. It’s not uncommon for stones to loosen over time, and it’s much easier to tighten a loose stone than to replace a lost one! As stated in our Repair Policy, we strongly recommend that you allow us to perform any repairs, since our jewelers are specialists in restoring vintage and antique jewelry.


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