Summer is almost here, and we’re already debating what to take with us on holiday! So we’ve put together a little selection of pieces from our inventory worthy of the precious real estate they might occupy in your travel case—pieces bold, versatile, and durable enough to single-handedly anchor your summer wardrobe.

If you’d prefer only to pack one thing, let it be this dramatic diamond rivière necklace! But be warned—you may never want to take it off, even after vacation is over.

This iconic pair of Seaman Schepps shell earrings appear equally at home on a beach or in a ballroom. Wear them with white linen for the ultimate nautical cool, then swap for a little black dress and an up-do for a gourmet meal with views of the water.

Learn more about Seaman Schepps over at our sister site, Antique Jewelry University

What’s the perfect piece to reflect the sunlight from tanned summer skin? An elegant and versatile link bracelet in rich 18k gold. Our classic yellow gold curb link would look stylishly subversive next to a sport or smart watch, and our two-tone yellow and rose gold retro number with fluted links adds drama to simple sleeves and cuffs without weighing you down in hot weather.

Why not design your entire vacation wardrobe around a single stunning stone? Sapphires are durable enough for travel, but will certainly never be mistaken for utilitarian in these proportions. Pink or blue—you choose! Pair the blue with denim or a “vyshyvanka” (Ukranian embroidered) dress, while the pink agrees perfectly with black capri pants or a floral summer shift. Be sure to bring a pink or blue scarf to tie any outfit together.

Planning an Italian getaway…? These cheery gold Tiffany & Co. swirl earrings look like their own original shape of pasta—Tiffanilli!

No pin style is more wearable than the circle, which doesn’t require a specific orientation the way its figural and bar-shaped cousins do—perfect for affixing in a hurry, or lacking an ideal mirror or lighting situation. This 1930s platinum and diamond version is dainty enough to cling to those delicate summer fabrics.

A bold statement ring in two-tone 18k yellow and white gold immediately pulls together any mixed metals you might be wearing, but also makes a strong statement all on its own. Those five rows of icy white, round brilliant cut diamonds will keep you cool in warmer climes.

Wherever you’re headed this summer—or even if you’re staying home—that one special piece can set the right tone for the entire season.