Two are better than one when it comes to stunning sets of diamond-studded double clip brooches. The versatility of these convertible pieces exponentially increases their wearable appeal, from coat collars, to suit lapels, to plunging necklines, or even to belts—and everything in between. As you know, we’re big proponents of “bring back the brooch,” so we have no trouble doubling down on that sentiment!

We’ve got clever twosomes of this kind from nearly every era represented in our inventory (and, in fact, similar motifs can even be seen in ancient garment pins), perhaps because the human eye finds symmetry so satisfying. But the sharp, streamlined aesthetic of the Art Deco era embraced the dynamic double clip with unparalleled success. Deco double clips might just be our favorites—though we try not to play favorites!—especially of the architectural, glittering diamond variety.

And then, like Dorothy over the rainbow, this large-scale double clip takes us suddenly and brilliantly from black-and-white into color! Though we know there’s no piece like an all-diamond one, we don’t mind spending a little time in this field of reds, greens, and blues. Bright white diamonds and natural emeralds combine with synthetic rubies and sapphires—original to the piece, and common to the era—to create a dreamy color story.

Clearly, the Deco era perfected the seamless streamlining of two brooches into one. The Retro era that followed upped the ante to match the high drama of Hollywood’s golden-age glamour. We can just see Rita Hayworth positioning these pieces on either side of a sweetheart collar, or Greta Garbo popping them onto opposite sides of a wide-shouldered blazer.

While we’re particularly fond of those mirror-image double clip brooches that form a single piece when joined, we’re also pretty smitten with smart pairs of twin clips. Like earrings for your lapels, they add a sense of proportion and balance to any ensemble, from formal to fun.

Whether worn alone or together, double clips automatically increase the flexibility of your fine jewelry collection!