Even Amy Vanderbilt might have approved of applying make-up at the dinner table if the primping etiquette offender was using one of these--a stunning, vibrant yellow and black enameled Tiffany & Co. compact and lipstick set. Hey, if you're going to break the rules, you might as well do it in high style.

Tiffany & co. guilloche enamel compact and lipstick

One of the things that I love most about bygone eras is that personal effects were often exquisitely designed, elevating them to objects of art. Really, why rummage through the utility drawer looking for a box of matches when you can contain these tiny torches in a striking (I couldn’t resist) match safe. Not a rainy day person? A nineteenth century parasol handle, bejeweled with rubies, emeralds and diamonds may have you singing in the rain—especially one that has a tiny vanity mirror concealed at the top of the handle. Wow!

There’s nothing quite like adding a little flare to the quotidian. Whether or not you actually use these extraordinary objects for their intended purposes - and I certainly suggest that you do - they are conversation pieces most worthy of display. Anyone need a light?