Under the zodiac sign of Leo (July 22—August 22) we’re feeling a bit catty, so we’ve selected some eye-catching pieces befitting the bold character of our lions and lionesses out there. While the first few of these featured pieces are more literal, we’ve got some more abstract dazzlers picked for the force of their nature as well!

Our first of a handful of varied leonine brooches is the real pride of the pride, a diamond-encrusted stunner by the American jeweler McTeigue with a distinctly British-heraldic character. Crafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold, he radiates energy from his spread claws, long tongue, and shining ruby eye. (And if, like us, you can’t get enough of this lively, animated guy, you might be interested to know that he has a dragon compatriot in our inventory as well.)

Two textural 18k yellow gold lion brooches—a stately adult, and a playful cub—demonstrate two characteristic Leo personality traits: the courageous leader, and the gregarious life of the party.

The winged lion, representation of St. Mark the Evangelist and symbol of the city of Venice, is captured in gold and enamel for this lovely Victorian “must have” from the Grand Tour. Pictured here (as always) with a book, his Latin inscription reads: “May Peace be with you, Mark, my evangelist,” with a scroll beneath marking it as a “souvenir of Venice.”

From the home of the zodiac comes a pair of Leos locked in friendly combat at the center of this lapis and rich 22k gold necklace, by the legendary Athenian jeweler Zolotas.

Of course, not every Leo wants to go figural—in which case we recommend big, bold pieces selected to please a strong personality. These two sizeable rose-cut sparklers will fit perfectly into the constellation.

Represented by warm colors as well as the king of beasts, this sign is well matched to a massive coral knuckle-duster. Just a bonus that we love the vivid hue of red coral for summer.

Certain pieces require no introduction or explanation, and this is one of them. Beyond bold, this is simply the be-all and end-all of bracelets!

It’s hard to outshine this 5-plus carat antique cushion-cut diamond, re-set in a shiny 18k yellow gold halo setting to further magnify its beauty. Definitely a piece for the lion-hearted, and not for the faint of heart.

Happy birthday to all our Leos out there—we hope the stars are aligned in your favor, and if not, we encourage you to rearrange them. The only stars we really trust are diamonds, anyway!