Flashes of color appear to both float and dance, creating a captivating and lustrous light show. No wonder the Romans believed that all gemstones gather together in resplendent beauty in this one stone—the opal. Opals have had their share of bad press, some of it attributed to the ill-fated, opal-wearing heroine in Walter Scott’s 1829 novel, Anne of Geierstein.

Thank goodness for the trendsetting and free-spirited Queen Victoria! Throwing off all notions of the opal as ominous, she not only wore and collected them, she often presented opals as gifts, restoring their popularity. No doubt, she would have happily donned this splendid, five-stone (six, including the clasp) opal necklace, which would have been particularly ravishing with the décolletage-baring necklines of her era.

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