The season of new beginnings has officially begun, and with it we’re looking for some fun and lively new pieces to pull us out of that winter mindset. Fortunately we have some lush new arrivals and evergreen pieces from deep in our inventory that have emerged to bring us into spring.

Set winter blues and icy whites aside for splashes of fresh color! Two light honey-colored topaz pears catch the earliest rays of sunshine, and this stunning pink sapphire will be in bloom before—and long after!—the first flowers of the season. Or go green with a blingy tourmaline cocktail ring on your finger and a detailed enamel leaf brooch for a boutonnière.

As the weather turns kinder, all our favorite creatures come out of hibernation. The air begins to buzz with diamond and plique-a-jour wings, and clever foxes crawl out of their dens. We adore pretty much every kind of creature that clever jewelers of the past have fashioned, but we’re especially taken with this wonderful Victorian cockatiel!

Trade your heavy winter togs for light, feminine pieces that sit delicately on the wrist, neck, and fingers. A flash of bright turquoise or the fire from a sunny Mexican opal keeps these delicate pieces distinct, not sentimental. And we can’t think of anything springier than the verdant green of this beautifully-wrought antique emerald pendant.

Wherever you are, we hope you’re celebrating the advent of spring with renewed energy and style!