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Early 20th Century Natural Pearl Necklace

A creamy, lustrous 19" strand of rare natural pearls (accompanied by a GIA report stating they are natural) that graduate from 5 1/2 mm at the front to 2 1/2mm at the back, and are finished with an exquisite platinum and diamond clasp. A refined and feminine classic.

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Vintage Carved Quartz Diamond Pendant

A sweet depression-era (1930s) frosted crystal pendant, carved in back with a radiating design and pierced in the center with a tiny twinkling diamond, is framed in delicate white gold filigree and surmounted by a matching bail. 1 1/2 by 5/8 inch, 16 inch chain.

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Art Deco Aquamarine Pendant Necklace

A single pale blue aquamarine gleams from within this striking and unusual Art Deco pendant necklace, die-struck and hand finished in rich 14K yellow gold - circa 1930s. Fanciful foliate and geometric filigree coalesce for an enchanting neoclassical effect. 1 and 7/8 inch from the top of the loop, t...(more)

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Antique Peridot Drop Necklace

A precious and petite peridot and diamond pendant dating back to the turn-of-the-twentieth century. This 1 1/4 inches long jewel glistens with one diamond-shape and one pear-shape peridots with an entrancing lime-green color. The two gemstones are wreathed by tiny bezel-set old mine diamonds and are...(more)

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14K Yellow Gold Fancy Victorian Chain

Here is a superb, ultra-lovely 22 inch long Victorian necklace designed in 14K yellow gold with an over-sized gold-filled clasp. The intricate reversible links and open loop design makes it a beautiful vehicle to display many an antique pendant. Enjoy!

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Antique Butterfly Pendant

For a lovely lepidopterist, a tiny butterfly is frozen in time under double-sided glass and backed with a shimmering iridescent blue Morpho butterfly wing in this exceptionally sweet and charming and quite unusual antique pendant necklace. 5/8 inch diameter, 17 inch chain.

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Victorian Garnet Snake Necklace

This smiling, slithery and romantic, Victorian-era serpent, crowned with a glowing cabochon garnet, is graciously offering up a garnet-set heart locket. Extravagantly ornamented and masterfully handcrafted in supple and subtly graduated 14K yellow gold - circa 1860 - she is looking for a new home (p...(more)

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Cartier Panthere Panther Silverium Pendant

Poised in the classic Cartier Panther pose, the sleek black cat drapes over a golden loop in a relaxed yet vigilant posture. Silverium is a 1987 process trademarked by Cartier for the panthers' gorgeous, shiny black coat. 2 1/8 by 1 1/4 inches.

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Art Deco Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire Pendant

A geometrically stylized bell-shape pendant ornamented with fanciful filigree work, five diamond sparklers a pair of french-cut synthetic sapphires makes for a charming pendent necklace - circa 1930s. 9/16 by 3/8 inch, 17 inch white gold chain.

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Art Nouveau 14k Gold and Pearl Pendant

This ultra-chic and charming, original Art Nouveau pendant necklace - circa 1910 - shimmers times three with a talented trio of freshwater pearls dancing below a sinuous Art Nouveau whiplash design rendered in striated yellow gold; by Chas S. Crossman & Company, Yew York 1904-1931. The new chain...(more)

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Art Deco Carved Quartz Diamond Pendant

A pair of translucent quartz crystal plaques, a beveled rectangle surmounted by an octagon, each centrally pierced with a small twinkling diamond, carved with a radiant design and framed in decoratively embossed 10K white gold, swing from the original 19 inch chain in this very lovely depression-era...(more)

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Gutta Percha Cameo Carved Pendant

1 and 3/4 inch round pendant featuring a superlative hand-carving of a female bust surrounded by an interlacing ribbons with a beaded border carved out of Gutta-percha - a dark rubbery, organic substance derived from tropical trees (Sapotaceae palaquium). From the mid 1800's it was used in jewelry, ...(more)

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