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Edwardian Diamond Necklace

From the first decade of the twentieth century comes this rare, radiant and ravishing Edwardian necklace, gracefully hand crafted in platinum over gold. The flowing foliate inspired design is comprised of four distinct sections arrayed with bright-white and sparkling old mine-cut diamonds. The plati...(more)

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Petite 15K Round Locket

A diminutive (5/8 inch) and darling round locket by way of nineteenth-century Great Britain, lovingly crafted in 15K yellow gold. Both sides are adorned with Spirograph style engine turned engraving.

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18K Victorian Diamond-Shape Locket

Lock up your loved ones in a secure and lovely fashion in this very striking and unusual locket by way of nineteenth century Great Britain. The 1 and 3/8 by 7/8 inch diamond shape adornment is superbly crafted in softly time worn 18K yellow gold and the decoratively engraved front is un-monogrammed ...(more)

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Antique Diamond, Pearl and Sapphire Negligee Necklace

A diamond centered, pearl studded three leaf clover on top surmounts a pair of slightly offset slender dangles, each anchored by a bezel-set sapphire and a shimmering freshwater pearl in this dainty and delightful negligee necklace dating from early last century. The pendant measures just shy of 2 i...(more)

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Bohemian Garnet Fringe Necklace

A strand of twenty-seven graduated rosette garnet-set links are fringed with seven delicate rosette teardrops suspending from the central links in this darkly romantic antique necklace. The garnets are bright red pyropes from Czechoslovakia and the 15 1/2 inch necklace is created in gilded base met...(more)

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15K Engraved Oval Locket

Engraved with swirling stylized floral embellishments, this endearing 15k yellow gold, antique British locket contains 3 hinged sections for pictures. A truly precious antique keepsake in which to house and display cherished photos of your loved ones. Measuring 1 1/4" in length (not including the ba...(more)

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Retro Triple Strand Gold Snake Chain Necklace

Sometimes referred to as gas pipe style, this luxurious and delightfully slinky, this triple strand 14 karat yellow gold necklace dates from the Retro period. During the the 1940s yellow gold came to the forefront and jewelry designs were inspired by the glamorous times. With its commanding weight ...(more)

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Art Nouveau Peridot, Tourmaline and Diamond Lavalier c.1900

A bright and colorful jewel from the-turn-of-the-twentieth century. A lustrous pink raspberry cushion-cut tourmaline teams up with a dangling lime green pear shape peridot in this precious Art Nouveau adornment gracefully crafted in velvety 18K yellow gold and dotted with twinkling old mine and rose...(more)

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Bohemian Garnet Necklace

Thirty graduating rosettes of bright red garnets circle the neck with delicate garnet-set fringe glistening across the front in this classic Bohemian (Czechoslovakian) necklace dating back to the late-1800s/early-1900s. 17 1/2 inches.

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Art Nouveau Griffin and Pearl Pendant

Since antiquity the legendary griffin, with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion, has symbolized courage and loyalty and is considered a great and majestic protector. In this fanciful and richly detailed gold pendant, the griffin is protecting not only the wearer, but a shimmering b...(more)

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Antique Bohemian Garnet Necklace with Detachable Pendant/Brooch

A romantic and versatile jewel from 19th century Central Europe. 41 glistening burgundy garnet rosettes compose the necklace, which is a knockout on its own, and which also has a concealed hook for adding more drama in the form of a lovely garnet pendant (that can also be worn as a pin.) Gorgeous! N...(more)

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Art Nouveau Enamel and Pearl Drop Pendant

A sweet, petite Art Nouveau treat designed and rendered with a classic whiplash motif colored in shimmering pink and green enamel, crowned with a tiny diamond twinkler and a pair of tiny seed pearls with a dangling freshwater pearl dancing at the bottom. 1 by 1/2 inch, the chain measures 18 inches.

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