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Coral and Diamond Negligee Necklace

A double-darling Edwardian-era jewel starring a pair of peachy salmon-colored coral drops. The corals dance at different lengths from platinum over gold knife wires dotted with rose-cut diamonds. Circa 1910. The pendant measures 1 5/8 inches, the new white gold chain measures 17 inches.

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18K Yellow Gold 4-Strand Necklace

Four delicious, gluten-free, strands of gleaming golden spaghetti (perfectly prepared al dente) cascade over your hungry décolletage in this sexy and scrumptious necklace from Italy, lithely crafted in rich 18K yellow gold. 17-19 inches in length.

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Early Victorian Charming Snake Necklace

A fabulous nineteenth-century serpent, her silver head aglitter with 4 carats of bright, sparkling white old mine-cut diamonds (including an almost one carat pear shape), is customarily swallowing its own lithe and supple tail, this one composed of velvety 15K gold scales (hence more than likely of ...(more)

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Petite Diamond Flower Pendant

Tiny round brilliant-cut diamonds twinkle from this cute little 14 karat white gold daisy pendant, perfect for everyday wear, with 16-inch Italian chain. The drop measures 7/16 inch.

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Victorian Silver Locket and Chain, Birmingham

Interesting combination of shapes converge to create a unique Victorian silver locket. It is intricately engraved and embellished with rose, yellow and green floral appliqués and is suspended from a scalloped link chain. The locket opens to reveal a lock of hair and bears Birmingham hallmarks.

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Large French Art Nouveau Silver Double-Mirror Compact

Here's looking at you kid. A fabulous French-made gewgaw of sizable proportions (2 1/2 inches by 2 inches), rendered in elegantly ornamented silver repousse, slides open to reveal dual close-up reflections of you. And what a beautiful site to behold! Actually, the silvering on one of the mirrors is ...(more)

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Bohemian Garnet Necklace

Glistening garnet rosettes culminate in a triple-tiered garnet cluster pendant, crowned with a matching bail, in this splendid antique necklace by way of late-nineteenth century Central Europe. The necklace and bail measure 15 inches, the oval pendant measures 1 5/8 inches by 1 1/8 inch.

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Small Victorian Oval Locket

A darling and relatively diminutive (11/16 by 9/16 inch) locket by way of Victorian England. Sturdily crafted in rich 15K yellow gold, both sides are extravagantly hand engraved with quintessential ornamentation of the period; plus a little bonus - the central shield is unengraved (a relative rarity...(more)

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Early 19th Century Chrysoberyl Parure

Transform yourself into a very fine lady from the early 19th century with this exquisite Georgian jewelry parure. This elegant antique suite provides all your jewelry needs with a necklace, earrings that can be worn two different ways, long or short, and a brooch that can also be used as a pendant d...(more)

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Edwardian Platinum Diamond Pendant


is the word to describe this exceptional Belle Époque jewel, exquisitely hand crafted in platinum and containing just under 2 carats of bright-white diamond sparklers. However, the crowning achievement in this case is the exemplary design and delicate craftsmanship which e...(more)

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Fancy Lady Pendant or Charm

A unique and good size 18K yellow gold pendant depicting the profile of an apparently French lady bedecked in diamonds and flowing ringlets and who, one may assume, would feel right at home in the Palace of Versailles. Hand textured, soft matte gold finish, 1 1/2 inches high (without bail) by 1 1/4 ...(more)

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Victorian Retrospective Citrine Necklace

Twenty-one gleaming golden citrines framed in rich 18 karat yellow gold create a gorgeous, chic and sunshiny necklace, crafted sometime during the mid-twentieth century in homage to early-nineteenth century to late-Georgian/early Victorian cannetille style. This very bright and cheerful adornment me...(more)

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