8 Cameo Necklace and Earrings in Fitted Box



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Eight Greek and/or Roman deities inhabit as many almost colorless shell cameos, in this rare and ravishing necklace and earring suite, imported into France, presumably from Italy, during the early-19th century (so the hallmarks tell us). Their alabaster white busts are subtly contrasted with translucent gray backgrounds, and each is presented in 18K yellow gold frames outlined in cobalt blue enamel. The earrings measure just over 1 3/4 inches long and are embellished top and bottom with golden scroll motifs. The necklace measures 16 inches and the central links are pierced with asterisk (*) motifs. When at rest, the set resides in a fitted box lined with royal blue velvet, making the translucent backgrounds of the cameos appear darker than when worn. Splendid.


18 Karat Gold
2 x 7/8 " ER
16 In necklace
Gram Weight:
31.8 Gm neck, 9.2 Gm ER

About Vintage Jewelry

Like fine wine, fine jewelry also has a “vintage”—the design period or era from which it hails. Victorian or Edwardian, Art Deco or Retro, each piece in our collection has its own special pedigree. But just because one era ended and another began, it doesn’t mean that creative jewelry makers simply forgot the lessons of the past! Many of the jewels in our cases refuse to conform to a single design period, either by striking out on their own or showing the transition from one era to the next. When such daring dazzlers are over one hundred years old, they’re generally grouped in the antique category. Anything younger than that, but still made before 1970, fits the vintage label. Every iconic era yields both singular and transitional pieces, like the ones we’ve assembled here. Follow the link at the end of each section for more about the aesthetics and history of the period.

Jewelry Care

As with anything of value, especially sentimental value, taking good care of your vintage and antique jewelry from Lang will enhance its beauty and extend its lifespan. We encourage you to have your jewelry checked and cleaned by us or by your trusted local jeweler every six months, to ensure that each piece is in good wearable condition with all gemstones in place. It’s not uncommon for stones to loosen over time, and it’s much easier to tighten a loose stone than to replace a lost one! As stated in our Repair Policy, we strongly recommend that you allow us to perform any repairs, since our jewelers are specialists in restoring vintage and antique jewelry.


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