Bailey, Banks & Biddle

(1832 - present)

Bailey Banks and Biddle Ring.jpg

Diamond Ring by Bailey, Banks & Biddle, c.1900.

Famous American jeweler from Philadelphia. Bailey, Banks and Biddle first opened its doors as Bailey and Kitchen in 1832. Catering to modish Philadelphians, the firm sold fashionable jewelry as well as silverware and precious objects. In 1846, one of the original owners, Joseph Trowbridge Bailey, invited his brother into the business. In 1878, Joseph’s son, Joseph Bailey II, forged a partnership with two other jewelers: George Banks of J.E. Caldwell and Samuel Biddle of Robbins, Clark, & Biddle.[1] The result was Bailey, Banks, and Biddle. The firm has a reputation for offering high quality, well designed jewelry. It has also been given important commissions, including the commission to design the first 40,000 Purple Hearts for the United States military as well as to create the Naval Academy and West Point class rings.[2]

Today the firm is a division of the Zale Corporation[3].


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