Gemological Information For Epidote

Color: Dark Brown, Light to Dark Green, Yellow & Black
Crystal Structure Monoclinic
Refractive Index: 1.729 - 1.768
Durability: Fair to Poor
Hardness: 6 to 7
Similar Stones: Idocrase, Kyanite, Zoisite
Treatments: None Known at this Time
Country of Origin: U.S., Austria, Italy, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Finland, Myanmar, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil

Epidote Care

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Risky
Steam Cleaning: Never
Warm Soapy Water: Safe
Chemical Attack: Decomposed by Hydrofluoric Acid and Slowly Decomposed by Hot Hydrochloric Acid
Light Sensitivity: Stable
Heat Sensitivity: Fuses with Heat