Golash Brooch

Golash quahog pearl brooch 001-1.jpg

The "Golash Brooch"
Image Courtesy of Antoinette Matlins.

The Golash brooch - named after its discoverer, Rhode Island jeweler Alan Golash - is a gold brooch set with one of the largest and finest quahog pearls (14 mm round button) thus far found. It was discovered in 2005 at an antiques store where it was mis-identified as a piece of costume jewelry and aqcuired for USD 14.00. The color and finish of the central pearl makes it one of the rarest pearls in excistence.

The brooch, dated around 1835, is decorated with black and white enamel in high carat yellow gold and has an additional quahog pearl droplet suspended from it. It was included in the pearls exhibition which toured the world from 2001 to 2008 and will probably be offered at auction during 2009.[1] The center pearl was given the allusive name pearl of Venus by the discoverer of the brooch.

Update: The owner has had the brooch insured, for an undisclosed value, and it remains in his possession.


  1. pers. comm. with Antoinette Matlins - keeper of the Golash brooch.