Vintage Camphor Glass and Diamond Ring.
Vintage Camphor Glass and Diamond Ring.

Most glass is a man-made material sometimes used to simulate a gemstone. In that case, it’s called paste. There are also three types of naturally occurring glass: ObsidianMoldavite and Lybian Desert Glass.

Gemological Information for Glass

Color:All Colors
Crystal Structure:Amorphous
Refractive Index:1.47 to 1.76
Hardness:5 to 6
Similar Stones:Imitates Almost Any Gem Material
Country of Origin:Not Applicable

Glass Care

Ultrasonic Cleaning:Not Safe
Steam Cleaning:Not Safe
Warm Soapy Water:Safe (avoid if foil backed or glued)
Chemical Attack:Easily Attacked (even by fumes)
Light Sensitivity:None
Heat Sensitivity:Rapid Heat Change May Cause Fracture, High Heat Will Cause it to Liquify.
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