Handy Pin

Around the turn of the twentieth century, handy pins served as a way to secure articles of clothing much like a safety pin and often functioned as the equivalent of the button.

According to the book How to Make Jewelry handy pins were described as follows:

The elongated pins, under their various titles: Bib, Handy, Waist, Collar, Dress, Belt, Girdle, Veil and Automobile pins, are, in conjunction with the collar button and links, the most useful article of jewelry made to-day; anything new and strikingly original will always find a ready sale.1

Quoting from Peace Year Catalogue 1919-1920:

Handy and Baby Pins – Handy to have and pretty to wear. These pins are attractively finished and will give good service.2


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Handy, Beauty, Baby, Lingerie, Collar Pins,

Handy, Beauty, Baby, Lingerie, Collar Pins.


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