Rethinking Resolutions

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Lose 10 pounds. Save more money. Travel more. Learn a new language. The New Year is here and with it, the requisite resolutions. We start off with rousing enthusiasm and then, somewhere around May, our resolve diminishes bit by bit. Yes, you’ve learned how to ask, “Excuse me, which way is the Metro?” in French, but you hit a wall at the plus-que-parfait verb tense. We have some resolution recommendations that break with the ordinary, provide immediate gratification, require no conjugations, and will last throughout the year and beyond. We think you’ll find them easy to keep.


Begin Your Vintage Jewelry Collection

Such a compelling proposition and now is the perfect time to make it a reality. Where to start? From fabulous bracelets to fanciful brooches, we’ve curated our incomparable collection to present some beautiful basics to build upon. So, find your favorite era—or two, or three—and let the jewelry fun begin!

Victorian Blog Image
Edwardian Diamond and Natural Pearl Filigree Dinner Ring.
Diamond Studs.
Victorian Diamond and Ruby Band.
Rooster on Black Dress.
Gold Chain.

Sparkle More

Is there anything that complements the sparkle in your eye more than the sparkle of diamonds? We think not! Up your sparkle quotient this year with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings—perhaps even a tiara! –from our dazzling array of diamond jewels.

Diamond Earrings.
Crescent Brooch.
Diamond Tiara.
Diamond Bracelet, Green Dress.
Edwardian Marquise-Shaped Diamond Ring.
Sapphire & Diamond Jewelry, Red Dress.

Gain More Weight—In Gold!

There’s nothing wrong with gaining a little weight—especially if it’s in grams of gold! From Cleopatra to Coco Chanel, atomic number 79 (gold’s classification on the periodic table of the elements) has been a highly favored precious metal for jewelry lovers. It still is! Big and bold or light and dainty, this ever-in-vogue element elevates any ensemble.

Burle Marx Bracelet.
Gold Bead Necklace, Black Dress.
Art Nouveau Femme Brooch.
Alligator Ring.
Gold Earring on Ear.
Snake Bracelet.

Be More Colorful

While January is generally bereft of the color that flourishes in springtime, you can create your own season of color—all year long—with our gorgeous selection of bright and beautiful gemstone jewelry. Juicy gems await!

Turquoise Ring.
Amethyst Bracelet.
Citrine Pendant.
Emerald Earrings.
Lapis Lazuli Pendant.
Coral Earrings.

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