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To learn more about investigating your jewelry item read: Jewelry Identification

Appel, Julius Maker's Mark

Appel, Julius

Goldsmith ...
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Arenz, Friedrich Maker's Mark

Arenz, Friedrich

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Arizona Turquoise Mines Co. Maker's Mark

Arizona Turquoise Mines Co.

c.1915 & 1922: 1 W. 42nd St. New York NY ...
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Armbrust Chain Co. Maker's Mark

Armbrust Chain Co.

c.1934: 95 Chestnut St. Providence, RI c.1922: 280 Richmond St. Providence RI Watch Bracelets ...
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Armsheimer & Son, Chas. Maker's Mark

Armsheimer & Son, Chas.

13 Maiden Lane New York NY ...
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Arnold, Edmund E. Maker's Mark

Arnold, Edmund E.

Jeweler Gold and Silversmith ...
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Arrow Emblem Co. Inc. Maker's Mark

Arrow Emblem Co. Inc.

c.1934: 21 Maiden Lane New York NY c.1922: Arrow Button Co. 7 Maiden Lane New York NY MOGUL PHOENIX ...
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Arrow Jewelry Mfg. Co. Maker's Mark

Arrow Jewelry Mfg. Co.

c.1943 - c.1950: 11 John St. New York 7 NY ARROW 14K ...
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Arrow Novelty Co. Inc. Maker's Mark

Arrow Novelty Co. Inc.

62W. 14th St. New York NY ...
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Art Metal Studios Maker's Mark

Art Metal Studios

c.1934 - c.1950: 17 N. State St. Chicago 2 IL ...
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Art Silver Shop Maker's Mark

Art Silver Shop, The

Specialties Started as the Chicago Art Silver Shop c.1912-1917. Founders Edmund Boker Ernest Gould Boker also worked at Lebolt. Became ...
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Artificers' Guild Maker's Mark

Artificers’ Guild

Specialties Manufacturers Retailers Jewelry & Other Metalwork Designers Nelsen Dawson & Founder Edward Spencer - Chief during the Montague Fordham ...
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Artistic Jewelry Mfg. Co. Maker's Mark

Artistic Jewelry Mfg. Co.

c.1922: 70 Victoria St. Toronto ON ...
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Arvai, Armin Maker's Mark

Arvai, Armin

Jeweler, Gold & Silversmith ...
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Ashbee, Charles Robert Maker's Mark

Ashbee, Charles Robert

Specialties Jewelry and Metalwork Designer Key Figure in the Arts & Crafts Movement. 1887-88 Founder Guild of Handicraft Ashbee was ...
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Asprey and Co. Maker's Mark

Asprey and Co.

Specialties Jewelers Silversmiths Dressing Cases 1847 New Bond Street Store 1851 Great Exhibition: Gold Medal awarded by Queen Victoria 1862 ...
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Associate Jewelers Corp. Maker's Mark

Associate Jewelers Corp.

63 Fred St. Pawtucket RI FRANRU ...
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Asta-Tittman Jewelry Mfg., Inc.

Asta-Tittman Jewelry Mfg., Inc.

e.1962 c.1962: 20-23 W. 47th St. New York NY CEO Natalie Tittman c.1962 - c.1988 ASTA (dba Asta-Tittman) Joseph Titman ...
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Atlantic Jewelry Co. Maker's Mark

Atlantic Jewelry Co.

387 Charles St. Providence 4 RI ...
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Attleboro Chain Co. Maker's Mark

Attleboro Chain Co.

c.1915: Attleboro MA c.1922 AD-A-LINK N SPRING AKA: Marathon Co. c.1934 ...
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Attleboro Mfg. Co. Maker's Mark

Attleboro Mfg. Co.

c.1896 - 1915: Attleboro MA Sterling Silver Novelties Succeeded by Swank ...
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Aucoc Maker's Mark


Specialties Silversmiths Snuff boxes featuring repoussé lids ...
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Auffarber, Artur Maker's Mark

Auffärber, Artur

Jeweler, Gold & Silversmith ...
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Auger, Alphonse Maker's Mark

Auger, Alphonse

Specialties Began his career as a gem-setter. 1862 Alphonse Auger forms his first company La Maison Auger 1864-1870 Worked for ...
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Augusti, Karl Maker's Mark

Augusti, Karl

Goldsmith ...
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Augustin, Aloisia Maker's Mark

Augustin, Aloisia

Austria 1867: Company Founded 1873: Ring Factory 1877: Rings and goldware with imitation stones 1882: Gold and Silverware with genuine ...
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Auld's Inc. Maker's Mark

Auld’s Inc.

c.1915: 195 E. Long St. Colombus OH c.1934: 1201-21 Essex Ave. Columbus OH Class Rings, Emblematic Jewelry, Class Pins ...
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Aumann, Franz Maker's Mark

Aumann, Franz

Goldsmith ...
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Aumüller, Georg Maker's Mark

Aumüller, Georg

Gold and Jewelry worker ...
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Auran Kultaseppä Oy Maker's Mark

Auran Kultaseppä Oy

Specialties Second oldest silver factory in Finland. Jewelry & silver manufacturers. 1972-1975 Pekka Piekäisen, Designer ...
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Austin & Craw Maker's Mark

Austin & Craw

c. 1896 - 1922: South Norwalk CT ...
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Austin & Stone Inc. Maker's Mark

Austin & Stone Inc.

c.1915: Attleboro MA Manufactured Gold Chain ...
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Automatic Gold Chain Co. Maker's Mark

Automatic Gold Chain Co.

c.1922-1931: Providence RI Watch Bracelets, Waldemars, Dickens chains & Vest Chains Gold Neck Chains Became: Automatic Chain Co. e.1934: 70 ...
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Axel Bros. Maker's Mark

Axel Bros.

c.1950: 21-10-49th Ave. Long Island City 1, NY COLUMBIA c.1943: 64 W. 48th St. New York NY c.1934: 21 W ...
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