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Riker Bros. Maker's Mark.

Result: Riker Bros. Maker’s Mark.




To learn more about investigating your jewelry item read: Jewelry Identification

Wolcott Mfg. Co. Maker's Mark

Wolcott Mfg. Co.

c.1915: 71 Peck St. Providence RI ...
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Wolf, Franz Maker's Mark

Wolf, Franz

Jeweler Gold and Silversmith ...
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Wolf, Josef Maker's Mark

Wolf, Josef

Gold worker ...
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Wolf, Michael Maker's Mark

Wolf, Michael

Goldsmith Repair Worker ...
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Wolfers Maker's Mark


Specialties Wolfers Frères Court Jewelers Trained under his father gaining the skills of a goldsmith and jeweler. 1870-1890s Influenced by ...
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Wolfers Frères Maker's Mark

Wolfers Frères

Specialties Goldsmiths. Silversmiths Jewelers Designers H.C. van de Velde Philippe Wolfers ...
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Wolfson Co., The Maker's Mark

Wolfson Co., The

Merchandise Mart Chicago IL PEERLESS ...
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Wollstein, Rudolf Maker's Mark

Wollstein, Rudolf

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Wood & Sons, J.R. Maker's Mark

Wood & Sons, J.R.

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Woods & Chatellier Inc. Maker's Mark

Woods & Chatellier Inc.

516 Fifth Ave. New York NY ...
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Worel, Karl Maker's Mark

Worel, Karl

Gold and Silver Worker ...
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Worian, Peter Maker's Mark

Worian, Peter

Silver Pipe Fittings ...
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Wottawa, Eduard Maker's Mark

Wottawa, Eduard

Gold and Silverworker ...
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Wrazlowsky Co., A. Maker's Mark

Wrazlowsky Co., A.

220 Eddy St. Providence RI FASHIONLANE Ladies Rings ...
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Wuerth, H. E. Maker's Mark

Wuerth, H. E.

c.1922: 909 Grand Ave., Kansas City MO ...
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Wuest, Rudolf Maker's Mark

Wuest, Rudolf

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Würbel & Czokally Maker's Mark

Würbel & Czokally

Silverware Factory ...
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Wurmsohn, Julius Maker's Mark

Wurmsohn, Julius

Jeweler Gold Worker ...
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Wurst, Franz Maker's Mark

Wurst, Franz

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Zach, Ferdinand Maker's Mark

Zach, Ferdinand

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Zach, Karl Maker's Mark

Zach, Karl

Jeweler Gold and Silversmith ...
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Zakrzewski, Josef Maker's Mark

Zakrzewski, Josef

Jeweler Goldsmith Repair Worker ...
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