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Riker Bros. Maker's Mark.

Result: Riker Bros. Maker’s Mark.




To learn more about investigating your jewelry item read: Jewelry Identification

Zauza, Josef Maker's Mark

Zauza, Josef

Jeweler, Gold, and Silver Factory ...
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Zbouzik, Emanuel Maker's Mark

Zbouzik, Emanuel

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Zeidler, Franz Maker's Mark

Zeidler, Franz

Silverworker ...
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Zeiss, Franz Maker's Mark

Zeiss, Franz

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Zelenka, Max Maker's Mark

Zelenka, Max

Goldsmith Jeweler ...
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Ziegler, F.C. Maker's Mark

Ziegler, F.C.

16 E. 6th St. Tulsa 3, OK ...
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Ziegler, Ignaz Maker's Mark

Ziegler, Ignaz

Gold and Silverworker ...
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Ziehrer, Johann Maker's Mark

Ziehrer, Johann

Goldsmith Repair Worker ...
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Ziething & Co. Maker's Mark

Ziething & Co.

68 Orchard St. Newark NJ ...
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Zima, Josef Maker's Mark

Zima, Josef

Silver Worker Jeweler ...
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Zimm, Alois Maker's Mark

Zimm, Alois

Goldsmith Repair Worker ...
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Zimmermann, Josef Maker's Mark

Zimmermann, Josef

Jeweler Goldsmith ...
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Zimmermann, Rosa Maker's Mark

Zimmermann, Rosa

Gold and Silverware Producer ...
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Zimmern Brothers Maker's Mark

Zimmern Brothers

180 Broadway New York NY ...
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Zimpel, Julius

Zimpel, Julius

Specialties Founder: Julius Zimpel - (1896-1925) Designer Studied: Kunstgewerbeschule. Designed metalwork and jewelry for the Wiener Werkstätte Works produced by ...
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Zirner, Moriz Maker's Mark

Zirner, Moriz

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Ziruth Co., Henry Maker's Mark

Ziruth Co., Henry

c.1915: 30 Court St. Newark NJ ...
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Ziruth-Kaiser Co. Maker's Mark

Ziruth-Kaiser Co.

c.1915: 347 5th Ave. New York NY ...
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Zitterhofer, Theodor Maker's Mark

Zitterhofer, Theodor

Silver and Jewelry Worker ...
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Zock & Co., J.J. Maker's Mark

Zock & Co., J.J.

c.1915: 67 Adelaide St. Toronto ON ...
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Zöhrer, Karl Maker's Mark

Zöhrer, Karl

Gold and Silversmith ...
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Zol, INC. Maker's Mark

Zol, INC.

c.1922: 106 Fulton St., New York NY ...
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Zolenko Freund Maker's Mark

Zolenko Freund

c.1915: Newark NJ ...
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Zoref, Maximilian Maker's Mark

Zoref, Maximilian

Jeweler Gold and Silversmith ...
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