Copal is a fossilized organic resin. This amorphous yellow to brownish material is often confused with amber, but amber is much older than copal. A test using acetone can separate amber and copal - copal will react immediately while amber will take longer to be affected.
A copal with few termites
Gemological information for Copal
Color The color of copal varies from pale yellow to orange to a deep brown
Crystal Structure Amorphous
Refractive Index ca. 1.54 (-.010)
Durability Can be melted by a hot torch
Hardness 2
Similar stones reconstructed amber
Treatments Oiling, heat treatments, reconstruction (same as amber)
Country of origin Africa, New Zealand & South America
Copal care
Ultrasonic cleaning Not safe
Steam cleaning Not safe
Warm soapy water Not safe - cool water only - no brushes
Chemical attack Keep away from chemicals
Light sensitivity Will darken as it ages
Heat sensitivity Burns readily