Gemological information for grossular
Color Green: Tsavorite - Yellow, Brown and Orange: Hessonite
Crystal Structure Cubic
Refractive Index 1.73 to 1.75
Durability Good
Hardness 7.25
Treatments None known
1967 - Discovered in Northern Tanzania close to the Kenyan border by Campbell R. Bridges. Mining the deposit wasn't possible in Tanzania so Bridges crossed the border and found the green garnet in 1971 on Kenyan territory near the Tsavo national park. He started mining the deposit. Tiffany's director Platt was paying attention and decided to market the new gemstone under the name Tsavorite. Tsavorite2.jpg
This brownish-red to orange gemstone used to be referred to as cinnamon stone. It is found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania and minor deposits lie in Brazil, Pakistan and Canada. Hessonites are typically riddled with crystal inclusions and may show a characteristic swirly effect.
Garnet care
Ultrasonic cleaning Safe
Steam cleaning Safe
Warm soapy water Safe
Chemical attack Avoid
Light sensitivity Stable
Heat sensitivity Stable