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Gemological information

Gemological Information for Jadeite
Color White, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Gray, Black, Lavender
Crystal Structure Monoclinic
Refractive Index 1.666 to 1.680
Durability Excellent
Hardness 6.50 to 7.0
Similar Stones Nephrite, Hydrogrossular, Serpentine, Maw-Sit-Sit, Idocrase, Chalcedony
Treatments Dyeing, Wax Impregnation, Heat Treatment
Country of Origin Myanmar
Jadeite Care
Ultrasonic Cleaning Not Safe
Steam Cleaning Not Safe
Warm Soapy Water Safe
Chemical Attack Can be affected by warm acid
Light Sensitivity Stable (Unless Treated)
Heat Sensitivity Will effect enhancements and can fuse to glass under torch conditions