Antique Demantoid Garnet Earrings.
Antique Demantoid Garnet Earrings.

Gemological Information for Andradite

Color:Green: Demantoid, Black: Melanite, Yellow: Topazolite
Crystal Structure:Cubic
Refractive Index:~1.89
Similar Stones:
  • Melanite: The Black Opaque Andradite Variety is Called Melanite and Has Been Used in Mourning Jewelry in the Past.

  • Topazolite: The Yellow Andradite Variety. May Show Chatoyancy
  • Treatments:Demantoids Can Be Heated to Improve their Color.
    Country of Origin:
  • 1853 - Ural Mountains, Russia. Demantoid first found, identified as green andradite in 1864, named demantoid in 1878 after the dutch diamant due to its adamantine luster and high dispersion. The deposit seemed exhausted at one point but around 1999 production continued and fine stones were found in the years after that. Typical inclusion: the so-called horsetail which is composed of chrysolite fibres.

  • 1997 - Deposit Discovered in Central Namibia. These stones typically show a yellow to brown secondary hue. Horsetail inclusions are absent. Namibian demantoid garnets have a lower Cr3+ content than the Ural demantoids.

  • 2009 - Antetezambato, Madagascar. Demantoid was found here by fisherman in 2008. Once the news got out in April 2009 thousands of miners came to the area to try their luck. The stones found have brown and yellow undertones. Some curved needle like inclusions have been observed in these stones.
  • Andradite Care

    Ultrasonic Cleaning:Safe
    Steam Cleaning:Safe
    Warm Soapy Water:Safe
    Chemical Attack:Avoid
    Light Sensitivity:Stable
    Heat Sensitivity:Stable
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