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Gota de Aceita

In addition to the streamlined geometric styling, fine Art Deco jewels of the 1920s-30s are noted for their superior gemstones and here we have a splendid case in point. This majestic platinum and diamond brooch showcases a truly magnificent old mine Colombian emerald from the renowned Muzo mines. Besides possessing the finest, richest green color imaginable (photos don’t do it justice) and crystalline clarity, it exhibits a very special property, Gota de Aceita. The translation from the Spanish is: Drop of Oil.

We thank emerald expert and director of operations and sales for Muzo International, Ron Ringsrude, for the following:

Among connoisseurs and collectors the emerald that exhibits the rare gota de aceite phenomenon is highly prized. First reported in 1945 by gemologist Edward Gubelin, it is a roiled pattern of growth structures that interrupts the light in a delightful liquid-like manner reminiscent of honey or oil; hence the name. In terms of rarity, this phenomenon puts such emeralds in the most treasured and rare categories of collectibles; like Kashmir sapphires and Golconda diamonds.