Gota de Aceita

Art Deco Gota De Aceita Emerald Brooch.
Art Deco Gota De Aceita Emerald Brooch.

In addition to the streamlined geometric styling, fine Art Deco jewels of the 1920s-30s are noted for their superior gemstones and here we have a splendid case in point. This majestic platinum and diamond brooch showcases a truly magnificent old mine Colombian emerald from the renowned Muzo mines. Besides possessing the finest, richest green color imaginable (photos don’t do it justice) and crystalline clarity, it exhibits a very special property, Gota de Aceita. The translation from Spanish is: Drop of Oil.

We thank emerald expert and director of operations and sales for Muzo International, Ron Ringsrude, for the following:

Among connoisseurs and collectors the emerald that exhibits the rare gota de aceite phenomenon is highly prized. First reported in 1945 by gemologist Edward Gubelin, it is a roiled pattern of growth structures that interrupts the light in a delightful liquid-like manner reminiscent of honey or oil; hence the name. In terms of rarity, this phenomenon puts such emeralds in the most treasured and rare categories of collectibles; like Kashmir sapphires and Golconda diamonds.

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