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Cascades of flapper-length pearl strands. Long, swingy earrings. Drop-dead gorgeous geometric designs. Whether curvaceous and flowing or crisp and angular, the aesthetic of Art Deco jewelry was perfectly suited for the simpler, streamlined, no-fuss fashion of the period. And it’s perfect right now.

While taking a cue from the uber-chic style mavens of the 1920s and 30s, our Lang Deco enthusiasts (equally uber-chic) share their 21st-century take on accessorizing with these exquisite and ever-in-vogue jewels.

How to Wear it Then & Now

Art Deco Style Blog Post
Portrait of Actress Alden Gay by Edward Steichen.

The essence of elegance, American actress Alden Gay is adorned with just about every iconic jewel associated with the Art Deco era. A special point of interest is the striking placement of her sizable brooch. We just love daring jewelry moves!

Long (3 inches!) and lavish, this extraordinary brooch not only makes a bold statement on your lapel—or wherever you dare to pin it—it also pulls apart to be worn as a pair of clips.

Art Deco Double Clips on Blazer Blog Post
Art Deco Double Clips on Sweater Blog Post
Woman with Art Deco Bracelets Lang Blog
Photo: Shutterstock.com.

From her well-coiffed wavy bob to the enormous flower brooch/corsage combo on her fur collar, this glamour girl is all dolled up with stacks of stunning bracelets and a luscious double-pearl ring.

Pair of Art Deco Diamond Bracelets on Model Wrist Lang Blog
Pair of Art Deco Diamond Bracelets Lang Blog

Once again, we salute the mixed-use virtues of Art Deco jewelry. These early Deco diamond-frosted bracelets make a dazzling double stack and can be joined to create—a choker!

Art Deco Pearl Bypass Ring Lang Blog
Art Deco Pearl Bypass Ring on Model Lang Blog

Going my way? Not today! This utterly alluring natural pearl bypass ring—with two super sparkling half-moon diamonds—wears as wonderfully at work as it does at a wedding.

Flapper Wearing Multiple Pearl Strands Lang Blog

With her cool close-fitting cloche hat and backless dress, what else does she need but to drape herself in pearls (nothing feels as good against your skin)—the more the merrier!

Pearl Strand with Diamond Clasp Lang Blog
Model Wearing Pearls Lang Blog

And pearls are just as fabulous in a single strand decorating your decolletage, adding exquisitely restrained luxury to a simple sweater.

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”

— Coco Chanel

Lang Style

Elizabeth – Sales Associate and Art Deco Aficionado

Art Deco Diamond Necklace on Model, Elizabeth, Lang Blog
Art Deco Diamond Necklace Lang Blog

“This is possibly my favorite necklace I’ve ever seen at Lang, and I have seen quite a few. The way the marquise diamond tassels dangle recalls a dancing flapper’s fringed dress. Overall, the design is quite geometric and symmetrical but then there’s a beautiful small wave of asymmetry in the center section which adds visual interest and looks almost like an abstract floral design. The workmanship on this piece is impeccable. This would definitely  be a special occasion necklace; I think it looks wonderful in contrast with black fabric or any darker jewel tone.”

Art Deco Diamond Earrings Lang Blog
Art Deco Brooches and Hair Clips on Model, Elizabeth, Lang Blog

“A star-of-the-show necklace deserves a sensational supporting cast. In the top image, Elizabeth as adorned her lobes with earrings that she describes as, “…tiny Art Deco buildings that you can wear from your ears. I love all the intricate details and the fact that they have movement, so the diamonds catch the light.” For extra sparkle, she has created a celestial alignment in her hair with her own sparkling moon and stars hair clips.”

Art Deco Jadeite Bracelet on Model, Elizabeth, Lang Blog
Art Deco Jadeite Bracelet Lang Blog

“This bracelet showcases the more wearable, everyday side of Art Deco jewelry. I usually wear modern yellow gold jewelry daily, and since most fine jewelry from this era was crafted in platinum, I love finding rare pieces like this one that are either two-tone or entirely yellow gold. I feel like I am a character in an Agatha Christie’s Poirot TV series whenever I wear this bracelet. It still has a timeless quality though, somehow it manages to look just as modern and striking today as it did when it was created.” So true, and it perfectly complements her delicate chain bracelets and her mix of lovely band rings.

NICOLE – Marketing Maestro and Onyx Fangirl

Art Deco Jabot and Earrings on Model, Nicole, Lang Blog

“I’ve always loved the graphic shapes and dramatic contrasts in Art Deco jewelry,” says Nicole, Lang’s amazing Marketing Director. She is particularly passionate about diamond/onyx combinations because, as she so aptly states, “Black and white goes with everything!” We agree, and Art Deco jewelers had a special talent for designing exceptionally striking pieces with these diametrically opposed hues, creating a crisp contrast like no other.

Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Earrings Lang Blog
Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Jabot Pin Lang Blog

Two of Nicole’s favorite Deco jewels are these stunning dangle earrings and an elegant jabot pin. Dusted with glittering diamonds and accented with subtle curves of glossy calibre onyx, the earrings provide Jazz Age chic day or night. Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary piece to pin just about anywhere? In Nicole’s humble—and well-informed opinion– “Jabot pins are more unique and eye-catching than a regular brooch or stickpin.” Whether adorning your lapel, scarf, hat, or _________ (you fill in the blank), they add a double dash of Art Deco panache.

Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Rings on Model, Nicole, Lang Blog
Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Ring Lang Blog

“I have too many rings,” said no woman, ever. Nicole’s finger jewel philosophy? “It’s fun to have a more-is-more ring collection because you get to look at them all the time.  Plus, you can add, subtract, stack, or rearrange them according to your mood.“ On her right hand, Nicole wears her very own Lang rings—an onyx/diamond combination (no surprise there) and a gorgeous triple center diamond confection– side-by-side. On her left hand, a diamond-accented onyx ring makes a bold statement one finger over from her stunning Art Deco-style engagement ring and wedding band.

Alice – Super-hip Goldsmith

Art Deco Dress Clips on Model Lang Blog
Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Dress Clips Lang Blog
Art Deco Dress Clips, Separated, on Model Lang Blog

“Versatility is the cherry on top for me for any jewelry piece and this dress clips/brooch combination is just perfect. You can wear it as a single brooch, as two dress clips, or maybe even as a necklace! The geometric shapes are playfully put together in an architectural form that really brings out the Art Deco vibes.” Versatile indeed. Alice has stylishly placed them in her hair creating an unexpected and intriguing contrast with her artfully arrayed contemporary earrings.

Art Deco Sautoir and Carnelian Ring on Model Lang Blog
Art Deco Carnelian Ring Lang Blog

“Art Deco always reminds me of the Jazz Age and the fun dance movements, which this sautoir fully embodies. I imagine the delicate lacy pearly chain and tassel swinging around in the air. I would love to style this piece as a necklace worn backward or as a hairpiece.” As with the dress clips, Alice found a distinctive way to wear this sautoir—over a faux fur collar. An unusual and luxurious layering. And a bit of color is always a good thing. Alice says the vibrant carnelian and enamel ring, that looks so cool with her Victorinox watch, “… reminds me of a delicious jellybean and the red theory; put a single red thing in your room and it instantly adds a touch of uniqueness. It makes me feel instantly put together. I imagine this ring being worn with any outfit, or even used as a scarf holder.” Such beautiful jewels, so many options.

Inspired? Shop our collection and find the Jazz Age jewels that suit your fancy.

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