Marina B.

(1978 – Present)

Italian jewellery designer associated with the Bulgari firm. Marina Bulgari is from the third generation of family members brought into the business. When her father Constantino died in 1973, she and her sister Anna assumed central management and design roles within Bulgari. In 1976, however, Marina left Bulgari citing irreconcilable differences with her cousins, the other owners. In 1978, she opened her own store in Milan, Marina B and in 1986, she opened a boutique in New York. Throughout the 1990’s, other locations were launched. Given her heritage, it is not surprising that her designs resemble those created by her family at Bulgari. They are characteristically voluminous, bold, and colourful.

In 1986, the Marina B. line was bought by the Saudi Arabian sheik of Jeddah, Ahmed Fitaihi.1 Windsor Jewels purchased the line from Fitaihi in 2010 and resumed production. c.2014, Paul Lubetsky has acquired Marina B and is launching a re-branding of the line founded by Marina Bulgari.

Maker’s Marks and Timeline:

Marina B



Geneva, Gstaad, London, Milan, Monte Carlo, New York NY, St. Moritz, Tokyo

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  • Granddaughter of Sottiro Bulgari, founder of Bulgari.


  • Constantino (her father) died and Anna & Marina took control of Bulgari.


  • Branded herself as Marina B.


  • Opened A showroom in Geneva.


  • Opened a boutique in New York.


  • Line is being revived by Windsor Jewels who purchased it from Ahmed Fitaihi.
  • The designs are being crafted by the jewelers trained by Marina B.


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