The name spodumene derives from the Greek meaning burnt to ashes describing the non-gem colorless or gray variety of spodumene. There are two varieties of spodumene considered "gem quality"; hiddenite and kunzite.

Gemological information

Gemological Information for Spodumene
Color Yellowish Green, Pink-Violet, Colorless
Crystal Structure Monoclinic
Refractive Index 1.655 to 1.680
Durability Poor
Hardness 6 to 7
Similar Stones Tourmaline, Kornerupine, Phenakite, Peridot, Beryl
Treatments Irradiation
Country of Origin Madagascar, Brazil, Afganistan, U.S.
Spodumene Care
Ultrasonic Cleaning Never
Steam Cleaning Never
Warm Soapy Water Safe
Chemical Attack Hydrofloric Acid
Light Sensitivity Kunzite Fades, Irradiated Green Quickly Fades
Heat Sensitivity Sensitive to High Temperatures


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