Cord is produced by twisting, plaiting or weaving threads together to form a thicker, sturdier “rope.” Almost any material can be used to make cord including silk, cotton, plastic, hair and steel, to name a few. Cord can be used in jewelry as a necklace on which to suspend one or more pendant elements. Silk cord is used in traditional pearl and bead stringing and can be knotted between each bead. The art of macrame uses cord to weave intricate patterns for jewelry and other decorative arts. Kumihimo, an ancient Japanese cord making art, has a long tradition in that country beginning with creating the intricately designed cords to bind together Samurai armor and continuing to modern times. Cord can be used as a decorative element, sometimes to indicate rank or prestige on military and other uniforms. Ladie’s Art Deco watches often have a woven cord bracelet.


Art Deco Diamond Wristwatch with Cord Bracelet.

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