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Maker's Mark Name/Period Location Specialty

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e. c.1852 - 1936
(Alphonse 1828 - 1911)
(Georges 1862 - 1957)
(Jean 1899 - 1961)
• Founded by Alphones Fouquet.
• Specialized
Filigree with stones.
Cameos & Miniatures.
• Mythical beasts such as griffins, chimera and the sphinx.
• Jewelry produced for export worldwide.
1878 World Exhibition
• Strong influences of the ancient world and historic revival.
1878 International Exhibition, Amsterdam
• Convertible necklace/tiaras featuring email en ronde bosse.
• George Took over the firm.
• Registers his mark.
Art Nouveau & Art Deco Styles.
• Extensive use of Enamel and Colored Stones.
• Learned the jewelry arts at Rouvenat.
1900 World Exhibition
• Featured jewelry designed by Alphonse Mucha.
• Etienne Tourette was employed as an enameller.
• Son Jean joins the firm, specializing in Art Deco jewels.
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