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Almandine Garnet Ring.

These deep purplish-red garnets were often featured in Victorian Jewelry. When they are cut en cabochon they are referred to as “carbuncles.”

Gemological Information for Almandine

Color:Red to Purplish-Red, Pale to Deep Mauve (Idiochromatic; Almandine is Colored by One of its Essential Ingredients: Iron Ions)
Crystal Structure:Cubic
Refractive Index:1.76-1.81
Similar Stones:Pyrope, Ruby, Spinel
Treatments:Usually Not Treated
Country of Origin:Worldwide. Major localities include India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil and Tanzania.

Almandine Care

Ultrasonic Cleaning:Safe
Steam Cleaning:Safe
Warm Soapy Water:Safe
Chemical Attack:Avoid
Light Sensitivity:Stable
Heat Sensitivity:Stable