These deep purplish-red garnets were often featured in Victorian Jewelry. When they are cut en cabochon they are referred to as “carbuncles.” For more information read our article on garnets.

Almandine Garnet Ring.

Gemological Information for Almandine

Color:Red to Purplish-Red, Pale to Deep Mauve (Idiochromatic; Almandine is Colored by One of its Essential Ingredients: Iron Ions)
Crystal Structure:Cubic
Refractive Index:1.76-1.81
Similar Stones:Pyrope, Ruby, Spinel
Treatments:Usually Not Treated
Country of Origin:Worldwide. Major localities include India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil and Tanzania.

Almandine Care

Ultrasonic Cleaning:Safe
Steam Cleaning:Safe
Warm Soapy Water:Safe
Chemical Attack:Avoid
Light Sensitivity:Stable
Heat Sensitivity:Stable