A polycrystalline mineral in the garnet group that occurs in a green or pink color, sometime intergrown with idocrase. Bright green samples are sometimes used as a jade simulant.

Hydrogrossular watermelon 270x170.jpg

'Watermelon' Hydrogrossular

Gemological Properties

Gemological Information for Hydrogrussular, Garnet
Color Green, Bluish Green, Gray, White & Pink
Crystal Structure Cubic
Refractive Index 1.72 (+.010-.050)
Durability Good
Hardness 7
Family Garnet
Similar stones Jadeite, Nephrite, Idocrase, Saussurite, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Thulite, Unakite
Treatments None Known at this Time
Country of origin Green & Pink - U.S., Canada & South Africa, White - Myanmar & China
Hydrogrossular care
Ultrasonic cleaning Safe
Steam cleaning Not Safe
Warm soapy water Safe
Chemical attack Slight Hydrofluoric Acid Reaction
Light sensitivity Stable
Heat sensitivity Fractures with Heat Extremes