Idocrase is mineral species known as Vesuvianite and has several varieties. Sometimes erroneously referred to as "California Jade."

  • Californite - Mottled or Veined Green to Yellowish Brown
  • Xanthite - Transparent Yellow to Yellowish Brown
  • Cyprine - Greenish Blue to Light Blue

Gemological Information For Idocrase

Color: Yellow Green, Bluish Green, Gray, White & Brown
Crystal Structure Tetragonal
Refractive Index: 1.713 - 1.718
Durability: Fair to Good
Hardness: 6.5
Similar Stones: Jadeite, Nephrite, Hydrogrossular, Spinel, Epidote, Kyanite, Zoisite
Treatments: None Known at this Time
Country of Origin: U.S., Canada , Russia, Italy, Norway and the Alps

Idocrase Care

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Risky
Steam Cleaning: Not Safe
Warm Soapy Water: Safe
Chemical Attack: Attacked by Hydrofluoric Acid
Light Sensitivity: Stable
Heat Sensitivity: Fuses with Heat