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Tanzanite and Diamond Ballerina Ring.

Tanzanite is a purplish blue variety of zoisite. Discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, it was introduced to the jewelry world in 1968 as Tanzanite by Tiffany & Co.

Gemological Information for Tanzanite

Color:Blue, Violet, Bluish-Purple
Crystal Structure:Orthorhombic
Refractive Index:1.691 to 1.700
Durability:Fair to Poor
Hardness:6 to 7
Similar Stones:Benitoite, Amethyst
Treatments:Heated to Produce Purplish-Blue from Gray or Brown
Country of Origin:Tanzania

Tanzanite Care

Ultrasonic Cleaning:Unsafe
Steam Cleaning:Unsafe
Warm Soapy Water:Safe
Chemical Attack:Attacked by Hydrofluoric and Hydrochloric Acids
Light Sensitivity:Stable
Heat Sensitivity:Fuses Under a Jeweler's Torch


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