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Lacloche Frères

Lacloche Frères was a Spanish jewellery house known for its Art Deco jewellery and objects. The firm was founded in 1875 by four brothers in Madrid: Fernand, Jacques, Jules, and Leopold Lacloche. During the 1920’s and 30’s, the brothers were famous for their brightly colored, geometric “lacquered and enameled cigarette and vanity cases, set with diamond and precious stone decorative motifs of mixed inspiration.”1

At the 1925 Paris exposition, the firm also presented a fantastic series of pendants that depicted La Fontaine’s fables. In addition to a store in Madrid, Lacloche Frères established locations in Sébastian, Paris, and Barriatz. During the First World War, it bought Faberge’sLondon store and remaining stock when the Russian government repatriated Faberge’s personnel and assets and set up shop in its place.2

Maker’s Marks and Timeline:



  • Art Deco Jewelry


  • Madrid


  • Paris


  • Acquired Edwin Streeter’s inventory including the Agra Diamond


  • Bought Fabergé’s London store and inventory


  • Fine jewelry, clocks, Objets d’Art
  • Known for the jabot pin


  • Lacloche Frères closed
  • Jacques Lacloche opened a store in Cannes


  • Jacques used the name SARL and opened in Paris, buying from Georges Verger

Post War

  • Designs for Americans


  • Closed


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